Wine Glass Wisdom + Thanksgiving Coaster Giveaway!

On my recent trip to Willamette Valley in Oregon, I learned a little about wine glasses along the way. Well, specifically the Pinot noir glass. (We were in deep Pinot country!)

This glass is flared at the rim to help deliver the wine to the middle of your palate, where the wine is better experienced. The bowl of the glass is wider to give the wine space to “open up.”

I was fascinated by all of this and did a bit more research – and just in time for the biggest wine holiday of the year: Thanksgiving!

Where did all of this pairing begin?!

Legend has it, the idea of matching stemware to the specific type of wine was developed by Riedel, an Austrian company that has been making glass for 250 years. The company’s president believes, “You have to have the perfect messenger to deliver the wine.”

With that said, I found this cool chart that maps out each of these little messengers:

This can be helpful if you arrive at a party and have multiple glasses in front of you. You can be smart about what goes in what. Or if you’re hosting a party and you want to buy special glasses or borrow some from a friend, then this chart can help you know what to serve in what. 😉

Speaking of serving…

You don’t have to line a table with a dozen glasses for each guest. A good rule of thumb is to offer guests two types of wine: a red and a white. So you’d be solid if you had at least two types of glasses on hand: a larger-bowled glass for reds and a smaller-bowled basic for whites.


{via} This is a nice option for a basic, red wine glass.


{via} This is a great white wine glass that has a smaller bowl.

If you want to get fancy and pop open some champagne, you could include a flute in the mix. By the way, my awesome SIL found this article on the benefits of drinking champagne every day. Bring on the bubbles. Your health depends on it.


I think every nice glass of wine deserves a beautiful coaster. Wouldn’t you agree?!

So let’s have another coaster giveaway!

Our awesome friends at Qostr designed this adorable Thanksgiving coaster just for us.

November coaster

Qostr is a product of Matchstick Studio, and they’re the perfect way to personalize your table – especially for a lovely Thanksgiving meal.

We’ll giveaway one free set of 8 coasters (shipping included) this week. You have from now until Monday, 11/16 at 10pm Central to enter. Details below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
In addition, anyone can order from the Qoster site right now and get 20% off using The Neat Nook promo code of NOVEMBER20 at checkout. This code will be good through November 30th.

Happy shopping – and sipping!



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