Three Steps to Organizing Your Jewels

IMG_4159Organizing your bracelets and baubles probably lands next to organizing your sock drawer on your priority list – especially if you’re a working mom like me. I totally get it. What I’ve recently discovered is that the smallest inconveniences, such as missing earrings or tangled necklaces, can cause serious morning madness when you’re getting ready.

I put together three simple steps to getting your jewels all jazzed. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your jewelry
  • A space for sorting
  • 2 small boxes (recycled shoe boxes are perfect)
  • Sticky notes for labeling
  • Soft cloth and jewelry cleaner
  • Jewelry containers or boxes

Step 1: Sort

When it comes to sorting, I’m a huge fan of the dump and dig method. I like to lay it all out there, literally, to see what you’re working with. I like to use my bed, since it’s a nice soft space. You can also use a large bath towel on a counter. Once you dump, quickly dig and sort your things into piles labeled with sticky notes:

  • Keep
  • Fix
  • Rid
  • Trash

The keepers are the things you love and don’t need any extra TLC. I like to sub-sort this pile by color to make it easier to decide what I should keep or send to the rid pile. The fixer-uppers are the items you love, but they might be missing an earring back or a glittery bead. The rid pile is for items you really don’t wear, but they still look nice. You can choose to donate, sell, re-gift or reuse in your next “crafternoon” project. The trash pile is for hopeless items that simply need to hit the can once and for all.

Step 2: Scrub

Once you’ve established your piles, go ahead and dump your trash pile. Put your fixer-uppers into a box and label for later attention. Review your rid pile and polish up anything you want to sell or donate. If you want to re-gift anything, go ahead and label the item for the person you have in mind. Put these items into your second box. Now for the good stuff…look at all of your beautiful keepers! Take time to scrub and polish, as needed. Admire, as you wish.

Step 3: Store

It’s time to store all of your gems in style. When deciding on the type of storage, think about your space. For example do you have plenty of counter space, or do you need something to tuck in a drawer or hang in your closet? Find storage options that will fit your space and style. For more great tips and storage ideas, check out this video from PopsugarTV.

Once you’re finished, stand back and admire your work. That’s always my favorite part.

Have a creative day! What jewelry tips do you have to share?


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