The Perfectly Prepared Pumpkin

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook, and I completely agree!

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook, and I completely agree!

Ahh-ctober. It has lived up to its hype again this year for our family. We’ve had gorgeous cool weather, delicious meals from the crockpot, and plenty of decorations for Halloween. We can’t get enough of the season.

When it comes to carving pumpkins, we’ve made it a tradition to do it the night before Halloween. That way our jack-o-lanterns have fresh faces for the big day, and the squirrels haven’t wreaked too much havoc on our display. So this Friday will be the big day!

We have the carving down to a decent routine. Clara still gags when she touches pumpkin pulp, but that might not ever change. Poor thing.

Here are few tricks we have up our sleeve when it comes to perfectly preparing a pumpkin.

Whatcha need and what to do…

Filet knife: There are all kinds of special carving kits, but I think a filet knife is the perfect tool, because it’s not too flimsy. (And yes, Brandon or I usually do this part.) We turn our pumpkin upside down and cut a hole from the bottom, which makes it much easier to clean – and display a candle. It took me forever to figure out this tip.

Ice cream scoop: This is the most efficient way to remove all of the seeds and pumpkin pulp. This is also the part where Clara suddenly has something urgent to do, like organize her sock drawer. I don’t mind the gooey mess, though. I love pulling out the seeds and roasting them or doing other fun crafty things. Speaking of…

My pumpkin seed ornaments were recently featured on All You magazine’s website. Check it out!

Now back to the carving.

Stencil and dry erase marker: If you’re feeling creative, you can freehand a design with your marker and carve from there. Dry erase markers are great because you can wipe it clean if you make a mistake. If you’re feeling like kicking it up a notch, check out these stencils. There are 700 to choose from, so it’s definitely not lacking in ideas.

I think this one is pretty cute. Don't you?

I think this one is pretty cute. Don’t you?

Bleach: Once your pumpkin is carved, mix 1 tablespoon of bleach with 1 quart of warm water and funnel into a spray bottle. Spray the insides to help preserve it for a bit longer than normal.

Now you’re ready to put a light inside and enjoy your masterpiece!

We’re still trying to decide which pattern we’re going to use. What does your go-to jack-o-lantern face look like? Do share!

Until then, have fun getting ready for the big day. Muahaha!



2 comments on “The Perfectly Prepared Pumpkin

  1. I love your pumpkin seed ornaments and all of the pumpkin seed ideas!
    Tell Clara her mommy used to gag at yucky things too~ like visits in a Porta Potty~ and her mommy would need to immediately leave the premises too! Never mind if big sis was still indisposed for the world to see as mommy fled the scene! Yikes! Is there a Halloween costume idea buried in that story?! “Muahhh!”

    • Oh my gosh, that story still makes me laugh. I’ve almost been on the receiving end of the Porta Potty “situation” with the girls. We were at a soccer game, and the entire field (including parents) almost caught an eye full. Haha! I guess that’s karma, right? Love you and hope you have a Happy Halloween!

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