Wishing You Thanksgiving Blessings (with a Side of Laughter)

Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies! I hope this holiday is filled with all of the good stuff. >

And I’d like to add one more item to this list…”share a smile!”

Here are three ways you can add a dash of humor to your turkey dinner.

{ONE} Lighten things up with a mad lib

Mad libs are an easy and fun group activity. Ask someone to be the scribe. As everyone takes turns shouting out words, such as adjectives, verbs, and nouns (as instructed by the story) the scribe writes them down. When the sheet is full, the scribe reads the full story to the group, which usually takes a hilarious spin. You could even do this a couple of times with the same sheet!

Try this Thanksgiving-themed story compliments of Real Simple:

{TWO} Share a few silly jokes

I’m a sucker for silly jokes. That’s pretty much the best part of Laffy Taffy candy for me. When I found these Thanksgiving jokes, my kids and I giggled and shared them for hours. There are a few are eye-rollers in here, but that’s kinda the point with these jokes. Have fun sharing these around your table!

{If the answers are a bit hard to read, here are the full jokes for you.}

  1. What always comes at the end of Thanksgiving? The letter G.
  2. Why did the turkey cross the road? It was the chicken’s day off.
  3. What did baby corn say to mama corn? Where’s popcorn?
  4. What’s the best thing to put in a pumpkin pie? Your teeth.
  5. What sound does a turkey’s phone make? Wing. Wing.
  6. What key won’t open any door? A turkey.
  7. What does a vampire call Thanksgiving? Fangs-giving.
  8. Which side of a turkey has the most feathers? The outside.

You can find more jokes here!

{THREE} Play a game or two

When you’re ready to get up from the table, you could jump into some of these lively games. They’re like minute-to-win-it games, but with a Thanksgiving theme. And they look pretty hilarious.

Here’s to full bellies and full hearts this Thanksgiving!




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