Feeling Thankful for Humor

I’d like to introduce a touch of humor to the blog today. Sometimes when I’ve read too many negative comments on my Facebook feed, or watched a dark show that has left me feeling scared, sad, or downright icky, I try to shake it off by either looking at pictures of cute animals on Pinterest, like this one >>

{via} Aww, hello sweet bun.

Or I’ll find something that makes me laugh. {Usually involving episodes of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.}

Today feels like a good day to lighten things up. So I’ve pulled together ten things that have made me laugh recently. Hopefully it will lighten or even brighten your day just a bit, as well.


That face!! Our dog would try to play it off, too, like “Wow, that’s weird. Is it time for dinner, yet?”


The fact that I’m so bad at math, I had to think about this shirt.


Remember The Office!! That show was so funny. Mostly because of Michael Scott.


People who are hangry = funny.


That’s right. Sometimes we just need a donut already.


This would be me at any protest rally.


Yasssss! I could easily see this happening. Way too easily.


This made me spit my coffee when I read it. So awesome. and funny. Adding it to my Christmas list now.


…because Cark is such a common name.


We’ve all had moments like this, haven’t we?!

Hopefully this list brought a little smile to your face. If not, try this or this, care of my twin girls. 😉 Have an awesome day.




2 comments on “Feeling Thankful for Humor

  1. LOL! It started as a giggle but by the time I got to the taco sign it was over and by Carc I mean Marc 😂😂😂 the tears were flowing! Thank you for the laughs! Please tell the girls their adorable and cute animals made me smile too! 😊

    • I’m so glad you loved this post. Brandon said he had the same reaction…tears. That taco sign might be my all-time favorite. I’ll be sure to let the girls know you like their animals. We love our daily dose of “awww” on Pinterest. 😉 Love you!

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