Revved Up for Friday

Happy Friday! It’s the weekend of Bikes, Blues and BBQ in Northwest Arkansas, so the energy (and sound levels) are off the charts around here. Before we head on down to the excitement, I wanted to share a few discoveries of the week. Here’s my Five on Friday Wrap.

Blogged while watching the high school parade march down our street. Happy homecoming, Har-Ber High. Go Wildcats!

{ONE} Birthday Cheers!

My sweet B had a birthday this week. He’s only 6-months younger than I am, but the kids still think it’s funny that I’m the oldest person in the house. Yes, it’s funny – on some days. Other days I get to use it to my advantage. If I’m the oldest, I get to pick [insert movie, song, or dessert choice here]. It’s perfect. On Brandon’s special day, though, the day he turns “my age,” he gets to pick the good stuff – including presents. He’s not big on surprises. He wanted some fancy-pants cocktail glasses like they had in Mad Men, and we found these. Aren’t they handsome? If you have a special fella in your life, this would make a great gift. They’re even Brandon-approved.

{TWO} Another Magical Use for Lavender


I’ve always been a huge fan of lavender. It smells divine and has so many uses. In fact, I just read it can help deter flies. This was a new one to me, so I had to share. If you rub a few drops of lavender oil (with an old rag) around the edges of your doorway, it keeps flies from coming inside. We’ve had countless trips in and out of the house lately trying to potty train Leo the puppy, so we could really use this right now. Shoo, fly.

{THREE} Pupdate

leo morning

Leo is pondering the day ahead – like where he’ll cop-a-squat.

Speaking of lil’ Leo, I haven’t given a pupdate in awhile. He’s up to around 10 pounds now. Such a big boy. We’ve continued with the puppy lessons at PetCo, and he’s now a champ with the “sit”, “down” and “wait” commands. I think “waiting” is the biggest miracle I’ve seen in quite awhile. Our trainer did some kind of voodoo mind trick on Leo. Our little dude was running around the room like a kid on caffeine, which I know is dangerous and is my point exactly. He was out-of-this-world wild with the crazy eyes and everything. Our trainer pulled out his magical treats, paired with his stern, calming voice. Within minutes, he had Leo not only sitting, but also waiting patiently to retrieve his snack. Wow. Just wow. Leo still jumps and nips at times – especially around new friends – but he’s sooo much better now that he knows to “wait”. I still think the command should have been “chill,” which is more accurate.

{FOUR} Hoppy Hour

We can’t forget about Rosie the Rabbit. And if you’re a rabbit owner like me, take note. There’s an actual thing called Hoppy Hour up in Minnesota. I don’t happen to live there, but a friend does. She takes her bun to a weekly gathering where tons of other rabbits and their owners gather for hay and coffee and a general good time. The bunnies bounce around and socialize, which is super important for their health. And owners can brag and/or gab about any issues they need to share. I’m so in love with this idea that I want to start one here. If anyone lives in this area and is interested, let me know! And if you don’t live here (or MN) you should start one in your area, too. Bunnies unite!

{FIVE} Writing Resources

Writing quote

Hey, if you’re like me and you love to write, why not get paid a little extra on the side for writing some great articles, poems or posts? A friend shared this resource with me this week, and I thought it would be worth passing along. Launch that Word program of yours, and see what pays off! If you have other go-to resources, be sure to share them in the comments.

Have a creative weekend, my friends!