What You’ll Find Here



I decided to reintroduce myself to anyone who’s new to The Neat Nook. I’m now in my second year of blogging and realize I may not have officially introduced myself to many of you. If you’d like to know more about me and my background, I created a little spot for that.

What I love most is the fact that you’re here right now reading this post, and I hope you’ll take away tons of helpful ideas from this blog. I use this space for many reasons and have a handful of topics that I like to explore and write about.

In fact, here’s a quick rundown of the categories and what you’ll discover:

  • Organized Living: Need tips on organizing all of the nooks in your life? Make this your go-to resource.
  • Decorating DIY Projects: For those times you want to jazz up the house without spending tons of money or time.
  • Perfectly Packaged: This little spot has all kinds of ideas to wrap gifts with style and grace.
  • Garden Goodies: Get tons of gardening tips and ideas to enjoy your harvested goodies. Yum!
  • A Meaningful Life: Sometimes I like to journal about my family life. I also love to explore new ways of becoming a better version of myself each day. This is a vulnerable place where I share some of that journey with you.

I also have a few semi-weekly series:

  • Creative Tip Tuesdays: This is a spot full of tips and exercises that encourage us to find and express our authentic selves.
  • Thankful Thursdays: Occasionally I’ll share a few things I’m grateful for. I especially love doing this series in November.
  • Friday Wrap: I share more about my personal life and usually list “five things” from the week.

Thanks for joining me. If I haven’t already met you, I hope you’ll reach out at some point to introduce yourself. I love connecting with my readers and seeing what more I can offer.

Here’s to a beautiful day!