No More Knots

Here’s a practical tip for your Tuesday…

How to untangle knots from your necklaces.

My SIL recently shared this tip with me, and I stored it away in my “good to know” file. Then it came in handy this weekend when my girls decided to wear some bling to church.

We’re usually scrambling to get out the door, so of course we were having a frantic moment when the necklaces were all intertwangled. (When more than one necklace is tangled into a giant knot ball.)

I quickly remembered the trick, and it worked like the magical charm of some sort of tangle fairy.


{via} This video also shows you how to untangle your mess.

All you need are two household items: baby powder and a safety pin

You simply sprinkle powder on the knot to begin to loosen and use an opened safety pin to work the knot completely out. That. Is. It.

baby powder

While we’re on the topic of the powers of baby powder, here are three other quick tricks:

{ONE} Dry Shampoo – When you’re in a pinch and need to take care of some oily roots, a dab of baby powder can do the trick.

{TWO} Drawer Freshener ­– I like to line my dresser drawers with shelf paper to keep things fresh and clean. Once in awhile I’ll sprinkle baby powder under the liner. It absorbs any moisture and keeps things smelling pretty.

{THREE} Rubber Glove Saver – To keep your dish gloves fresh and easy to slide on, sprinkle a bit of baby power down inside between each use.

How else have you used baby powder – other than the obvious? 🙂