Friday Wrap: Five Things I Love Right Now

Happy Friday, dear friends! It has been one strange week in terms of weather around here. One day we had freezing temps and the very next day was nearly 70-degrees…sending us searching for our flip flops.

Outside of a few wardrobe dilemmas, it was a pretty good week. I found a few things worth mentioning. In fact, a few things I really love…

{ONE} Tulips in Winter

Ahh, the sight of tulips instantly and always makes me happy. When I saw fresh bunches of them at the grocery store, I snatched ’em up like they were the last piece of cake at a party. I put this bouquet on my dining room table where I can admire its beauty for the next week. Crossing my fingers for longer.

{TWO} Personalized Yeti

Can I tell you how much I LOVE this cup? It truly keeps cold things cold and hot things hot, and it’s monogrammed with my absolute favorite color. My girls gave it to me for Christmas, which was extra sweet of them. I use it every single day. In fact, I’m sipping on some hot tea out of it right now.

Brandon drove the girls over to a local monogram shop to get it made, and he said it was super easy and didn’t cost too much. So now I want to give one to everyone I know. If I were Oprah, I’d be like, “You get a Yeti. You get a Yeti!!”

{THREE} Hot Booties!

All I have to say is don’t knock these socks until you’ve tried them. They’re microwavable wonder socks that “treat your feet to long-lasting heat.” It’s true. The As Seen On TV commercials don’t lie.

My MIL bought them for me, and anytime the temps dip anywhere below 40, you can find me curled on the couch wearing my Hot Booties.

They’re filled with lavender and linseed that not only smells lovely, but also holds the heat once you’ve popped them into the microwave. The only downside (and I do mean only) is that you can’t really walk in them. These are pure lounge wear. The lavender and linseed are in a built-in pillow on the bottom of the socks, so it feels weird when you try to walk. I’ve done it before, though, to heat up some tea for my Yeti!

{FOUR} Beaded Wrap Necklace

This little number gets filed in the “surprising pretty things you can find at Walmart” category. Yes, you read that correctly. Walmart. This is such a great beaded wrap necklace. The gold tassels are a nice touch, and the navy glitzy beads go with just about everything in my closet right now. Score.

And guess how much it cost. If you said $10, you’d be too high. This was only $7. Say whaaaaat?

{FIVE} Hanging Fish Tanks

We recently gave the girls’ room a complete makeover. (I promise to post more pictures soon!!) Some of our favorite touches included these wall-mounted fish tanks for Bubbles and Squirt, our family Beta. Since Beta don’t like looking at each other, especially males, we staggered the tanks a bit. Now they can swim more privately.

This is Squirt. He’s Clara’s fish, and was the only thing she wanted for Christmas. So of course we had to indulge that sweet girl. Sqiurt seems to enjoy swimming in and out of his yellow submarine, which is pretty cute.

Bubbles is Avery’s fish and has been with us for nearly 2 years. The verdict is still out on whether or not he loves his new home. He hasn’t seemed as playful, IMO. Avery said he’s just getting old and grumpy. The average lifespan is 3-4 years, so she may be onto something.

I can’t wait to show you the rest of their room. It turned out so pretty. Stop by next week for a peek. In the meantime, that’s a wrap for this chilly Friday (at least it’s chilly for now.) Have a cozy weekend!





It’s Not Too Late: Planting Fall Bulbs

Hyacinth bulbs with pots to plant

Hyacinth Bulbs Ready to Plant

I was watching Weatherman Dan (my favorite local meteorologist) the other day, and he was talking about a looming polar vortex that will hit most of the U.S. with a wintry vengeance this week. My initial thought after “wait, what?!” was “coat shopping!” The kids grow so fast, there’s no way they’ll zip into last year’s coats without having a Chris Farley moment. I also realized I haven’t planted my fall bulbs, yet. Good gracious, girl!

Needless to say, I need to take a knee and get to planting ASAP. If you’re like me and let the middle of November sneak up on you, let’s do this thing together. You’ll thank me come spring when your garden is exploding with color.

It always feels like a surprise party when the flowers burst out of the cold ground. Even though I carefully and lovingly buried each bulb, I somehow develop gardening amnesia come March. I’m like, “Oh, yay! Look at those little crocus in the corner! I love crocus!”

If you’re not sold on planting bulbs, let me elaborate. Bulbs are awesome. They’re low-maintenance, not too expensive, and make your heart absolutely happy when they bloom at the tail end of a dreary, gray winter. What more could you ask for?

You can find bulbs anywhere this time of year. Be sure to buy them from a reputable nursery, though. Cheap bulbs equal cheap blooms – if at all. Boo. I really like shopping at Westwood Gardens in my area or ordering online from Burpee.

Five great flowers to try:

  1. Tulips: Tulips are probably one of the first choices you think of when it comes to spring flowers – and for good reason. Tulips are classic. There are so many varieties you can have a garden packed with these beauties, while still keeping things extremely interesting. For a unique flair, try ‘Parrot’ tulips!

    ‘Parrot’ Tulip

  2. Daffodils: Another classic spring flower is the beloved daffodil. They’re one of the easiest to grow, too. I love the layers of a double-flowered daffodil. If you want a unique color combo try the ‘Romance.’ It has rose-pink cups with gorgeous white petals. It won’t disappoint.

    ‘Romance’ Daffodil


    Mix of Double-flowered Daffodils

  3. Hyacinths: There are two basic types. The common hyacinth has short stalks of amazingly fragrant flowers that look like little starfish. Grape hyacinths are even smaller and have tight blooms that look like clusters of mini grapes. So cute!

    Blue Grape Hyacinth


    Common Hyacinth

  4. Iris: These are a great addition to a garden because they’re hardy and look amazing. They’re tall and regal and remind me of an exotic orchid – minus the temperament.

    ‘Katherine Hodgkin’ Iris

  5. Crocus: I like planting a mix of colors with these adorable flowers. Since they grow low to the ground, they make a pretty accent at the base of any other flower. And you know it’s all about that base.

    Crocus {Hey, there!}

Once you feel ready, here’s a quick primer for planting:

  • When: Plant anytime before the ground freezes (pretty much now)
  • Where: Pick a spot that gets full sun and has well-drained soil.
  • How many: Plant lots of bulbs just in case some don’t sprout. If you want a more natural look, plant them in random order and spacing. If you want to create groves of daffodils or tulips, you’ll need to buy and plant lots of bulbs.
  • How deep: Plant at a depth of three times the width of the bulb. If your soil’s sandy, plant bulbs slightly deeper; in clay soils, slightly shallower.
  • What now: After planting, apply fertilizer low in nitrogen and water well. Apply mulch to keep the weeds down and hold in moisture.

 You’re good to go! Have fun digging in the dirt – and try to stay warm out there!