Friday Wrap: Busy Like A Bee

Yay! It’s another happy Friday! Although, most Fridays are. This one kind of snuck up on me, though. The week was so jam packed, that it flew right by.

I was a busy bee trying to make things happen at work, around the house, for the family, and even for myself. Somehow I managed to squeeze in some time to shop for a few necessities. It didn’t all go as planned, but the things that needed to happen got done – for the most part.


PS. Isn’t this a darling design? It was created by my talented friend, Stacie. She has an Etsy store where you can buy this (and many others) as a download to print and frame.

Now that I’ve scurried through the week, I plan to take the advice of this piece of art. I’m gonna rest my weary wings and just be! First, let’s have a mini sharing sesh.

Here are a few {of the more exciting} things that happened:

{ONE} Ordered My 2017 Day Designer


Check out all of the pretty 2017 Day Designers here! {affiliate}

Talk about time flying…can you believe we’re already thinking about 2017 day planners?! The new Day Designers by Whitney English went on sale this week, so I went ahead and ordered one while they were still available. Those suckers sell so fast!

This is the pattern I ordered this year – from the Flagship Collection. I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can start plugging in some goals and dates for the coming year.

{TWO} Corsages by Kate: Part Two



So…Evan was invited to the Sadie Hawkins dance at his school, which was super cute. When we were talking about what he was going to wear and how formal it was, he said that no matter what, he wanted me to make corsages for his date – and his best friend’s date. I guess he liked the ones I made for him last year?

Melt my heart.

It’s not every day your 13-year-old son asks for something sweet like this – and that requires flowers, beads and ribbons. {Pretty much my dream team of all craft supplies.} Of course I said, “Heck, yeah!” And I quickly got to work on these creations. P.S. Floral glue is my new BFF.

{THREE} Created Monster Cupcakes



I can’t take credit for this adorable project. These monster cupcakes were the creation of my twin girls – and our rock star sitter. I decided to spend some time with friends, and I came home to these sweet treats looking right at me from the kitchen counter.

They made multi-colored frosting, which was store-bought vanilla divided into several bowls – then they added gel food coloring to make a variety of colors. The candy eyes were from Walmart. So simple, but so fun. I’ll take two, please. 😉

{FOUR} Made Home-cooked Happy Meals 

One of my readers mentioned she wanted more recipes, so I thought I’d share this delicious number from Pioneer Woman. It’s called Sour Cream Noodle Bake.


Get the full recipe and instructions here.

As you probably know by now, I’m a fan of simplicity. So any recipe that involves fixing and forgetting it, or making ahead and freezing, are high on my happy list. And when it tastes so good you could eat leftovers for a week and still not get tired of it, that’s just plain magical.

This is one of those recipes, which I whipped up this week. Mmmm…

Note: I like to double the recipe and freeze half of it for a rainy day. It’s also a great dish to take to someone’s house who needs a little home-cooked-pick-me-up.

{FIVE} Purchased Travel Essentials

Travel?! Yes, Brandon and I are headed to Laguna Beach this weekend!! B earned the trip through work, so we’re staying in a fancy hotel. I’m super excited – even if I don’t know what “resort wear” means and I still haven’t packed. At least I’ve shopped for my beauty essentials >>


These masks are ah-mazing. My face tends to get greasy, so I like the Green Tea Mattifying* mask. You wear it for 15 min before bed. Once you take it off, you don’t rinse. Just head to bed and wake up with super soft, dreamy skin. I think this will feel good after a long day of flying.

*According to Sephora, the Rose mask is the best selling of them all. Since I’m a sucker for marketing, of course I had to buy one of those, too. I’ll let you know my thoughts once I try it.


Any time I travel, I feel like my hair gets limp and greasy. Not pretty. So Living Proof Dry Shampoo to the rescue!! I love this brand, which was created by Jennifer Aniston. It doesn’t leave a weird white residue in your hair and it smells awesome. If you’re looking for a really good dry shampoo, I’d recommend this one any day.


This product was something I read about in an issue of Real Simple magazine. It was “road tested” as one of the better facial “mists” that mattifies and refreshes. It’s called Grease Relief Facial Water.

By now you can probably see a theme with my products. I’m super oily 🙁 This product works best sprayed onto a cotton pad and then dabbed on your trouble spots. I like to use it after a workout or even in the afternoon when my skin needs a pick-me-up. Ahh.

Okay, friends…that’s pretty much a wrap! Thanks for visiting today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be sure to share a few pics on Facebook or Insta as we travel into the Pacific Time Zone.

In the meantime, bless you and your sweet home!