Feeling Thankful for Humor

I’d like to introduce a touch of humor to the blog today. Sometimes when I’ve read too many negative comments on my Facebook feed, or watched a dark show that has left me feeling scared, sad, or downright icky, I try to shake it off by either looking at pictures of cute animals on Pinterest, like this one >>

{via} Aww, hello sweet bun.

Or I’ll find something that makes me laugh. {Usually involving episodes of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.}

Today feels like a good day to lighten things up. So I’ve pulled together ten things that have made me laugh recently. Hopefully it will lighten or even brighten your day just a bit, as well.


That face!! Our dog would try to play it off, too, like “Wow, that’s weird. Is it time for dinner, yet?”


The fact that I’m so bad at math, I had to think about this shirt.


Remember The Office!! That show was so funny. Mostly because of Michael Scott.


People who are hangry = funny.


That’s right. Sometimes we just need a donut already.


This would be me at any protest rally.


Yasssss! I could easily see this happening. Way too easily.


This made me spit my coffee when I read it. So awesome. and funny. Adding it to my Christmas list now.


…because Cark is such a common name.


We’ve all had moments like this, haven’t we?!

Hopefully this list brought a little smile to your face. If not, try this or this, care of my twin girls. 😉 Have an awesome day.




Light Your Porch for a Vet

greenlight a vet

This week our country celebrates Veteran’s Day to honor and remember the soldiers who have dedicated their lives to protecting our freedom. My dad is a retired lieutenant colonel from the Air Force, and my father-in-law served in the Marines. So this day reminds our family to pause and thank them for their courage and commitment. We have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to our dads, and this is yet one more reason we can add to the list. Their service has made a difference to the lives of so many.

patriotic quote

I’d like to share this suggestion…as you’re getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving, thinking of all of the things you’re grateful for, and maybe even decorating your house with a cornucopia of abundance, consider adding one thing to your list – especially this week.

Greenlight a Vet

By putting a green light on your front porch, you’re signaling to all of the veterans on your street, in your neighborhood and in your lives that you support and honor their decision to serve our country. It’s a small, but unifying gesture of appreciation. And it’s easy to do. I’ve heard Walmart has stocked up on green lightbulbs just for this special occasion, so I’m off to buy my share.

Here’s to a day full of gratitude!