A Sunny Monday

weather report

That’s a lot of rain!

Hello, friends. I just saw the forecast for the week, and it looks like I’ll be spending some time indoors starting tomorrow. Geez. Luckily I spent the weekend cleaning and catching up on laundry, so I’m done with that for at least another month. #wishing Now I can have some crafty Kate-time this week.

My big project at the moment is my niece’s wedding scrapbook. She’s getting married this summer, so I’m archiving as many special moments leading up to the big date as I can (with the help of my sister, who is sending me all of the elements to include.) I’ll have to take some pictures of a few pages this week so you can see my progress.


Her color scheme is yellow and grey, which is gorgeous! Don’t you think? {via}


I went with a gray cloth post bound book. {via}

As you can imagine, Pinterest is chock-full of inspiration for page layouts and designs. My problem is narrowing down the ideas, but I’m up for the challenge. I love projects like this, and doing it for my sweet niece is definitely icing on the cake.

If you’re looking for me today, though, I’ll be the one outside soaking in the sunny, dry skies while I can!