Cute Way to Wear Your Scarf

When we were in Nebraska last weekend, Clara bundled herself up before going out into the icy cold. I was happy to see this for two reasons: 1) Most kids run right into the freezing air sans coat, gloves and sometimes even shoes. True story. So I was pleased to see that Clara was not only fully clothed, but also had her ears covered; 2) The way she wrapped her scarf was so darn creative.

scarf tutorial

I tried her wrapping technique myself, and discovered it was easy, cute and definitely worth sharing. She calls it the “Clara Criss Cross,” because that’s pretty much all you do. Here are pictures to help walk you through the steps.

step one scarf tutorial

step 2 scarf tutorial

step 3 scarf tutorialIsn’t that so easy? Here are some other angles for you. The side and the back show how simple this looks all around. My sweet model was so patient with me 😉

side view

back view

You can see the “criss cross” in the back!

As a bonus, here’s a quick tip on organizing your scarves.

I’ve tried all kinds of specialty scarf holders, but lo and behold this simple $3 accessory hooks is by far my most favorite. I get them at Walmart, and I have about four at the moment. I love them because you simply drape the scarf over the hook without having to fit them into holes or anything fussy like that. You can also slip a few belts over the hook. So versatile!

scarf hook

To keep track of my growing scarf inventory (because a girl can’t have enough scarves), I like to group them by color as best as I can. I have some black/tan, reds, blues and greens on each of these hooks.

scarf organizer

That’s it, friends. Here’s to staying warm – and organized this winter!