New Uses for Rubber Bands

Rubber bands

Don’t you love finding multiple uses for things? I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to collecting ideas.

I wrote a post on 10 uses for loom bands awhile ago, and it turned out to be such a popular topic. If you haven’t read it, feel free to hop over to see what those mini rubber bands are good for (other than clogging your vacuum).

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share a few helpful uses for the grandfather of loom bands – the original rubber band.

Fun fact: Did you know the first rubber band was made from discarded rubber products, such as tires, and it was used to wrap newspapers?

These humble, stretchy bands continue to surprise me with their many uses. I’ve lumped them into three basic categories:

{ONE} In a Pinch

If you’ve ever gotten stuck trying to remove a screw that’s been completely stripped, just wedge a rubber band in there so you can literally get a grip, man. Think of it like snow tires for your tools. It gives you the traction you need to get things moving.

My kids hate eating brown apples, and I don’t always have fresh lemons on hand to squeeze onto the open slices to keep them fresh. What’s the next best thing? A rubber band.

Wrap it around a pre-sliced apple so it stays in tact until lunchtime.

You can get a few more lunchbox hacks in this post.

sliced apple holder

{TWO} Keeping Order

I’m a big fan of using a pretty bookmark when I’m reading a novel. When it comes to sketching or writing in my journal, though, I like using a rubber band to hold my place.

I wrap it around the front of the book. That way I can easily flip to where I left off, and the pages from the front of the book (where I’ve already written) stay together. And this makes it easier to write. Happy dance.


Have you ever had an entire tea bag (including the tag) drop down into your scorching cup of water? Sigh. My latest trick is to secure the string to your cup with a rubber band. Mornings just got a lot happier.

tea holder

Now that it’s allergy season, I’ve pulled this trick out of the box. 😉 I keep a full Kleenex box secured with a rubber band to an empty box. That way we always have a place to toss the trash. This is especially handy in places like the car. It keeps used tissues from getting shoved into cup holders – or the bottom of your purse!

tissue paper holder

{THREE} Purely Decorative

When working on craft projects, rubber bands make a great substitute for glue – especially when you don’t want something permanently secured.

For example, in the project below, I wanted to cover the outside of a vase with pencils. But I didn’t want to hot glue them to the side of my vase forever. So I used a rubber band.

This is the finished project. More details below on how I assembled all of this >>

finished vase

For the supplies, I used a box of pencils, a small Mason jar, and a rubber band to hold the pencils to the edge of the jar.

supplies for vase

Once the pencils were secured to the jar, I covered the rubber band with gold ribbon.

steps for vase

After this step, I filled the Mason jar with water and tucked the flowers down inside. For more flower arrangement ideas, be sure to check out last Friday’s post!

For my next trick, colorful rubber bands are used to jazz up plain packages. This was an idea I saw on Martha Stewart, and I was in awe of its simplicity and style.

That’s it for today. Let me know if you have any other rubber band hacks or genius decorative ideas. Be sure to swing back by on Thursday to see a few new uses for egg cartons.

Until then, have a beautiful and organized week, my friends! <3