Five New Uses for Pool Noodles

Now that the pool days have come to a close (at least in our neck of the woods) what should we do with all of our noodles?

pool noodles

I say we repurpose them, especially since we’ll end up buying new ones again next year. They never have the same buoyancy after a long winter’s nap.

I found five interesting uses for those foamy floaters.

{ONE} Bracelet Holders

Untangle and organize all of your cute bracelets with the help of a pool noodle. Sounds weird, but it’s genius. Right? Cover them in pretty fabric and let them stand freely on your dresser or line them up in a cute box.

{TWO} Cord Cover

You can use 8 inches or so of a pool noodle to help corral your lamp or computer cords. Cut a vertical slit so the cords tuck nicely inside the center. Voila!

{THREE} Toy Blocker

Do you have a mini Bermuda Triangle under your couch? Countless toys, socks and coins can get lost down there. An easy fix is to wedge a pool noodle in that space. You can cover it with fabric or find a dark-colored noodle if you’re worried about it being visible. The sample pictured has a black foam insert under there. It’s hard to even see it!!

 {FOUR} Boot Inserts

Boots are back in season, so cut those noodles into boot-height lengths to keep your kicks standing tall. Easy and practical, yes?

{FIVE} Pom Pom Shooter

For something not so practical, but full of fun…you need one of these. Take a little scrap of leftover pool noodle from one of the projects above and turn it into something your kids will totally dig. And it will make up for shoving the rest of the noodles in your boots. #winning

What’s your favorite way to repurpose pool noodles? I have so many of them in my garage, I could use plenty of ideas.

Here’s to a well-organized day.


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