The Art of a Hidden Poem

I love that the trend of meditative coloring books is still a thing. I’ve seen tons of them hit main stream stores like Walmart this holiday season. I’m sure it’s because they make awesome gifts.

If you love this kind of thing – and want to expand your talents, you may want to try this relaxing and creative activity. I call them hidden poems, because it’s essentially a poem that you uncover and create within an existing text like this >>

Just like adult coloring books, the process of a hidden poem requires you to be still, color, and create. And the end result can be just as beautiful and gift-worthy.

A Hidden Poem “How To”

Tear out or photocopy a page from your favorite book, newspaper or magazine. The New Yorker and other literary magazines are perfect for this type of activity, because the language is so rich and lovely. You’ll see why that’s important in a moment…

Grab a pencil and skim through your page of text. Underline individual words that jump out or speak to you as you go.

Next, read each of the words as if they were strung together in a sentence. You might need to find a few connecting words in between to help the flow. What you’re doing is finding and creating a poem within the page.

Once you have your words selected, take a dark colored marker and start coloring and covering all of the extra words around your poem.

You can even decorate the page around your poem like these beautiful examples. >>

After you’ve crafted your message feel free to frame it, stick it on your inspiration board, or even give it as a gift to someone special. The more you practice this art form, the better you’ll become at spotting hidden poems and messages.

I’d love to see some of your works of art, so be sure to share!! Post it on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram @Katejandersen so I can repost it.

Have a creative day!