Friday Wrap: Pre-spring Gardening!

Happy Friday!! The weather is still pretty nice around here, so let’s continue the garden theme from yesterday’s post. Shall we?

Here are five things on my pre-spring gardening checklist at the moment:

{ONE} Set up a compost area

compost bin

{Instructions for this DIY compost bin are here!}

This will be my first foray into composting. I’m pretty intimidated by the idea, but I think I can do this. My girls just started one at their elementary school as a garden club project, which gave me a dose of confidence. I have a good, flat place in my yard for a bin, and I found a tutorial for this little DIY number. So I’ve added this to my project list. More to come on this whole business, I’m sure.

{TWO} Save containers for seedlings

I like paper egg cartons best.

{source} PS. I like these cardboard egg cartons best for seedlings.

I’ve been trying to eat more protein lately, because swim suit season. So eggs have been on the menu every morning. This is a doubly-good thing because egg cartons make wonderful seedling starters. So, thank you, eggs. (I totally heard Jimmy Fallon’s voice as I wrote that.) Now I can get growing sooner than later.

{THREE} Shop for seeds and plants!

Digging in the dirt is super fun, but shopping for seeds and plants is probably one of the best parts of gardening. Right? Sometimes I’ll pickup seed packets from my local garden store, and other times I’ll order online. I recently came across this cool company called Seeds of Change. They have 100% organic seeds and some quality tools and supplies. You should check them out.

{FOUR} Prep garden tools

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t looked at my shovels, pruners and gardening gloves since October. Now is a good time to pull out the tools and give them a little TLC. I’m going to scrub off the dirt and give them a light coat of oil on the metal parts, then store in a bucket of sand to keep them rust-free and sharp until we’re in full season. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial for cleaning your tools.

{FIVE} Tend to the bed

This is the part where I roll up my sleeves and get a little messy, because now is a good time to get outside and check for signs of growth. I’ll add fertilizer to the bulb plants as flowers begin to emerge, prune fruit trees and rose bushes, and plant the cool season veggies and herbs – like arugula and parsley! Mmm…

I have some work cut out for me, but it’s all happy stuff. I love digging into any garden project. Here’s to a terrific weekend. Hopefully it blooms with all sorts of lovely surprises – like sunshine and 70s.