Friday Wrap

It’s Fri-yay! I’m looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and digging in the dirt this weekend. The garden needs some TLC – only because I’ve been up to fun activities like pumpkin hunting and fall food eating. (I know my priorities.) Here are my five faves of the week.

Blogged while listening to my puppy, Leo, snore during his morning nap. #puppylove

{ONE} Mimi’s Punkin’ Patch

The kids and I headed up to my mom’s abundant garden last weekend. We love our visits to Mimi and Pappa’s house. There’s aways a soft hug and fresh batch of gluten-free peanut-butter chocolate chip cookies waiting for us. This time there were also pumpkins!! The kids (and two of their sweet cousins) had a chance to pick their special treat right from the vine. It was a great experience, and the weather was darn-near perfect.

mimis pumpkin patch

{TWO} Pumpkin Dessert Squares

Speaking of pumpkins, I read on Skimm there will be a shortage this year. Uh, oh. Apparently there was too much rain in places like Illinois, which produces 90% of US-grown pumpkins. Who knew?! It’s compounded by the fact that there’s such a pumpkin craze these days. I mean, there’s this and this.

All of that to say, we need to stock up on all things pumpkin while we can, friends. My problem will be trying to portion it out until Thanksgiving, especially when recipes like the Pumpkin Dessert Square enter my life. This originated from William Sonoma, which is your go-to place for Muirhead Pumpkin Pecan Butter. It’s de-vine!

{THREE} Not Your Father’s Root Beer Float

A friend of mine from Kansas City recently introduced me to Not Your Father’s Root Beer. Have you tried this stuff? If you like root beer, you will love this spirited version. It’s pretty sweet on its own, but I couldn’t resist adding a few dollops of vanilla ice cream to make one heck of an adult-beverage dessert. Cheers to that decision!

not your fathers root beer

{FOUR} Pickup Groceries

I must be going through a “growth spurt,” as I say to my kids. I’ve been all about food this week. Good thing I found THIS glorious service.

Walmart started offering pickup groceries at our Neighborhood Market a few weeks ago, and I have already used it so many times the manager knows my name. Lol! I can honestly say this has made the chore of grocery shopping actually enjoyable. They don’t even pay me to say this.

The only downside I’ve discovered so far is ordering the wrong size of things. You have to look carefully at the description online or you could end up with a jar of tomato sauce the size of your head. This actually happened. It’s all good, though. Spaghetti, anyone?

Walmart Pickup

{FIVE} 2016 Planner

Earlier in the week I was contemplating my next planner. I had some great responses on Facebook and even had two more suggestions: the Mom Agenda and Erin Condren’s LifePlanner. As I researched these, I discovered Erin is a Delta Gamma, which is near and dear to my heart. I might have to go that route just for that reason.

I’d love to hear from you, though! What planner have you found to be the biggest life saver? Once I make a decision, I will host a special giveaway for A FREE 2016 PLANNER to celebrate my first blogiversary. (See, it pays to read this whole post!!) The official date will be 10/20, so more and exciting details to come.

That’s a wrap for now. Let’s go have a weekend worth remembering!