The Neat Nook Turned One!


October marks the anniversary of my first post on The Neat Nook. This crazy endeavor started out as a much-needed creative outlet that allowed me to explore new projects and simply be myself.

It gave me a spot to capture and share the things I love to do, such as writing, decorating, organizing, mothering, gardening, and putzing around my garage trying to invent the next craft-gadget.

Out of all my hobbies, I adore writing the most. I wasn’t sure how to navigate the waters of blogging, though. I felt awkwardly late and underdressed to this hip online party. There are so many beautiful blogs and amazing writers out there. So I turned to my friend and rock-star blogger, Leslie Sisti, for guidance.

She was always generous with advice and encouragement. She would say, “Just keep writing, Kate! You got this!” She was my constant cheerleader and one of the most instrumental people in the creation of The Neat Nook. She invited me to guest post on her blog and introduced me to link up parties, such as Five on Friday. All of which led to new connections and friendships.

Unfortunately, Leslie’s life ended too soon in July of this year. While I miss her friendship dearly, I still feel the echo of her gentle voice telling me to keep writing. So I do.

This past Sunday, I was feeling reflective about the past year. Outside of being proud of my kids and their accomplishments, I was hoping my writing was connecting with readers. There are no bosses to tell you how you’re doing on this thing, which isn’t entirely a bad thing. As I sat in church, praying and contemplating, a song lyric jumped off the page of the hymnbook.

“All the world awakes to light.”

Yes! What a beautiful message on so many levels. I think that’s a perfect motto for the coming year – or maybe forever! Instead of worrying, I should be asking, “How can I be a light that wakes up the world?”

I wonder if I can do this with each person I meet, project I create, and post I write? It’s certainly worth a shot. I feel like we have an exciting year ahead, and I’m grateful to each of you for joining me on this journey.

I want to celebrate YOU by offering a special planner giveaway!

2016 Planner

I depend on my planner like a fish does water. So I felt like it was the most ideal gift I could offer. And right now is the perfect time to order a 2016 planner. I chose this one because it’s not too fussy, yet it has some great features. There’s an annual snapshot, monthly views and each day gets its own page.

2016 Planner year in review

2016 planner monthly view

2016 Planner daily view

This should give you plenty of room to write and roam with your doodles. Plus, it has a gorgeous black and gold pattern, which I’m totally into these days!

That’s not all!


For a second winner, I’m giving away 100 days worth of joy. This Jar of Joy is a custom gift I created, and it includes 100 pretty slips of paper with a different message for each day. It’s sure to spark a little joy in our life.

It’s also something I’m toying with selling in an Etsy store. I have several fun gift ideas that are all geared toward spreading positivity. I’ll be sharing more about that adventure in the coming weeks.

Whether you’ve been with me from day one or just now discovering the blog, I am honored you are here right now. You deserve a shot at winning these darling gifts!

Enter in the link below. The giveaway will end on Friday at 10pm Central. Winners will be announced on the blog and Facebook fan page this Saturday.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, and let’s light this world together!