5 Super Fast DIY Desk Projects

Happy Friday, sweet friends!! I have some super (and I mean suuuuper) easy DIY projects for you today. All five of these projects took an hour – tops – to pull together once I had the supplies. And they’re all designed to jazz up your office space.

What inspired this flurry of fresh deskwear?

Honestly, my office supplies were getting out of hand. Yesterday I couldn’t find one dang thing to write with. And when I needed a paper clip, I had to fish my hand down to the bottom of a jar that contained an assortment of things like ponytail holders, rubber bands and thumbtacks. Ouch.

I decided to clean out my business and get crafty up in here. If I’m going to spiff up the place, I might as well make it all look pretty, right?

So, without any further setup…

Here are the five quick-and-easy DIY projects that will make your desk look great, feel great, and work great for you.

Above shows the full picture, and now we’ll break it down…

{ONE} Non-boring Binder Clips

Supplies: Binder clips of any size and color. I used gold because I have a black and gold thing going on in my office. You’ll also want some fun rolls of Washi tape.

What I did: I took small pieces of Washi tape and applied them directly to the binder clips. That’s it. (I told you these projects were easy like Sunday morning!!)

{TWO} Pretty Paper Clips

Supplies: A package of paper clips. (I found gold ones at Hob Lob.) You’ll also want a few yards or so of thin ribbon. I used about 4″ per paper clip.

What I did: After I cut strips of ribbon, I tied them around the slightly smaller end of the paper clip so the ribbon would be at the top when you go to clip something together.

{THREE} Paper Clip Wrangler

Now to wrangle up those pretty paper clips…we have this crafty cup, which has a magnetic strip around the edge. It holds your paper clips so you don’t have to dig around and yell profanities when you poke your finger on a thumbtack or whatever else is lurking at the bottom of your cup or drawer.

Supplies: Magnetic strip that comes in a roll and has self-adhesive backing. A cup or other item to hold pencils and paper clips. I used this decorative votive because I loved the gold polka dots.

What I did: I measured around the top of the cup and cut a strip of magnet to fit perfectly. I pulled off the adhesive backing and just stuck it to the glass. Just a dab of hot glue secured the seams.

Once it was pulled together, I filled the container with pencils and attached my pretty paper clips around the outside. See?

{FOUR} Marvelous Message Board

Supplies: A frame, piece of scrapbook paper and a dry erase marker

What I did: I measured the piece of paper to fit the frame, inserted the paper into the frame, and then wrote my “to-dos” with a dry erase marker. Donedees!

{FIVE} Coastal Coffee Coaster

Supplies: A roll of jute or thick twine and a hot glue gun (oh, and I usually wear a pair garden gloves when I use my GG so I don’t burn off my fingerprints.)

What I did: I measured and cut about 1-1/2 yards of jute, and then I started rolling it super tight in the center. I squeezed a dot of hot glue to hold it together and then continued to roll the jute around itself. I added some hot glue about every 1-2 inches as I went.

When I got to the end of my rope (haha, I didn’t even mean to say that, but I do get there from time-to-tie) I just secured the loose end with glue. It ended up looking like this! >

Now I can put my coffee or tea on a pretty coastal inspired coaster, and get to work.

That’s a wrap for this week. Many caffeinated cheers and blessings,