Things I Tried This Week

Well, this was a week of some firsts. Not intentionally, either. I just happened to find myself with a few new things and experiences. Some I’d even recommend!

Here’s the rundown…

{ONE} Rockin’ Rose Gold Shoes

Ok, so my husband isn’t the biggest fan of these, and I couldn’t tell if my son was making fun of me when he said, “Hey, mom. I like your shiny bowling shoes!” But both of my daughters LOVE them. And so do I.

That’s all that really matters, right?

I was downright pumped when these metallic oxfords arrived in the mail, so I promptly wore them all day…and then to work the next day. And I have them on now. They’re super comfy.

Where did these beauties come from?

I ordered them from, which showcases thousands of smaller boutiques in one handy spot. So while I ordered on Jane, the shoes actually came from SunnyMIA. (Here’s a fun collection of all of their oxfords.)

{TWO} Finding A New Use for Lens Wipes

Whatever possessed me to buy a box of 200 pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes from Sam’s Club two years ago, I will never know. (Yes, two years. And I probably have 150 wipes still left in the box.) Apparently we don’t clean our glasses very often.

As chance would have it, this week kicked off with Clean Off Your Desk Day. And one of the random items I cleaned off (moved, rather) was this giant ass box of wipes. And right there on the package it says “great for electronics.” What?!

Why didn’t I see or realize this sooner? Not that I’d wipe my phone or computer keyboard any more frequently than I do my glasses, but now I have more opportunities to use these handy wipes. Game changer, people.

So now, I’m like, “Hey, [insert any of my co-worker’s names here]. Need your keyboard cleaned? I have 149 wipes if you do.”

I love finding new uses for old things. <3

{THREE} Drinkin’ Up to Slim Down

According to Dr. Oz, drinking apple cider vinegar with pineapple juice is going to get me into a bikini again. Hahahahaha!

Seriously, though. I’m giving it a try. Because, well, why not. The Wizard of Dr. Oz says you’re supposed to drink 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar mixed with 4 oz of pineapple juice (or orange juice) before every meal. I’m not gonna lie, it’s not the most awesome taste in your mouth. It’s vinegar. But I’m giving it a solid effort.

Oh, and something I’d recommend if you’re going to try this, too, is getting these mini shots of apple cider vinegar. You can stash them in your purse so it’s easier to have on-the-go. And they come with the “mother,” which might need to be a whole ‘nother discussion.

{FOUR} Not Crying During “This Is Us”

I tried. But it’s simply not possible for me to keep it together during this television show. It’s so REAL. I should have known it was going to be extra, since it was the season opener and all.

This week they finally got back to Kevin and his addiction issues, which ended up pulling the whole family right in – especially the mom, Rebecca.

I think the reason it was so hard to watch (without crying) was because it brought up so many of the worries I have as a mother, like, “Am I providing enough guidance, but giving them enough room to grow? Am I enabling bad behaviors? Am I playing favorites without meaning to?” All of these issues played out this week on the screen as Kevin confronted his family. Wow, it was tough love.

Did you see it? What were your thoughts?

All I know is I need to buy stock in Kleenex, because they’re probably selling thousands of boxes each Tuesday in preparation for the cry fest. Sigh.

{FIVE} A Hanacure Facial

{This is the full kit. It has beautiful packaging and works like a DIY science experiment.}

My sweet friend, Anna, tried one of these a few weeks ago and she loved the results!! She was brave enough to show me a “during” picture, too. I decided to give it a go, and it was strange and amazing all at the same time.

After you scientifically mix all of the ingredients, you “paint” the product on, then let it dry like a shrinky dink on your face. It was the weirdest, tingling and tightening sensation. It “pulled” my skin so much that I couldn’t even blink!

Once I washed it off, though, it was like magic. Instant smooth skin and smaller pores. You should totally try it – even if it’s just for the experience alone.

That’s a wrap for this fantastic Friday. I’ll see you next week with some inspiration, discoveries and lots of other ramblings. 😉



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LHOTW (Life Hacks of the Week)

It’s one of those “other” days, y’all. As my sweet Southern friends and I would say, “I’m praisin’ the Lord it’s Friday.”

That and, “Where’s my margarita?”

Somehow I managed to squeak by this week…even with a sick kid, no voice from a nagging cough, a full work schedule, and Christmas inching closer. Eek!

Thanks to a few glorious hacks, I found my way to Friday with some sanity in tact. Or at least I think so?

Here are five life hacks I relied on this week:

{ONE} Sunglasses Holder > Cord Wrangler

On Monday, I got to work and realized I didn’t have my phone charger or earbuds…oh, my!

When I got home, I made a little cord wrangler using one of my sunglasses cases. I know, first-world problems, but this hack really came in handy.

Oh, and notice I used loom bands to hold the cords together…a hack inside of a hack. >

LOOK! It goes in my purse in a snap. >>

{TWO} Neck Pillow > Stomach Soother

My son came down with the stomach flu early in the week, which was no fun!! Between moments of getting sick, his stomach would cramp up. Poor thing. I didn’t want to leave a heating pad turned on in his room, so I warmed up my neck pillow in the microwave. It fit perfectly across his stomach!

And since it’s filled with lavender, it smelled good and probably helped him get some extra rest along the way.

This is the back side of the pillow, which is silky soft. >

{THREE} Baking Soda > Laundry Detergent

We went to Nebraska last week for Thanksgiving, so we had a decent pile of laundry to clean when we got home. I also wanted to wash my son’s sheets and blankets once he started feeling better to freshen up his room. Needless to say, it was a big laundry week, and I wasn’t quite prepared.

I ran out of detergent at one point and decided to DIY my way through the next load or two until I could get to the store.

Did you know baking soda makes a great detergent? One cup of baking soda did the trick for a full load. I bypassed the soap dispenser and just sprinkled it in with our clothes. They came out clean and smelling fresh.

{FOUR} Appointment Reminder > Library Notice

My girls needed books (ASAP) for their reading assignment at school, so we hauled it over to the library. At the checkout desk, we realized we had a book (or two) overdue. Oops! Why do I always forget about those darn things?

After I paid our fine, I decided to put the due dates for the newly checked items in my phone. I just made myself an appointment to “return books.”

Now our books will be returned on time. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?! >>

{FIVE} Paper Clip > Ornament Hangers

Is it just me, or are there never enough ornament hangers when it’s time to decorate the Christmas tree? As I found myself decorating this week, which was a miracle in and of itself, I realized I was short a few hooks (sounds like a euphemism – haha!) and I didn’t want to run to the store.*

*Do you see a theme with some of these hacks? “Ways to not to have go to the grocery store.”

Anyway, I decided to raid my office supplies. It turns out, paper clips are a gem for the job.

I gently pulled the middle of the clip up, to make it into an “s” shape, like below. Hook the smaller loop through the ornament and use the larger loop for the tree.

That’s a wrap. Enjoy your weekend, lovelies. I hope you get some decorating done, if you haven’t already.

And most importantly, kick those heels up for a spell.





10 New Uses for Loom Bands

Loom Bands

If your kids jumped on the Rainbow Loom craze at any point in their young lives, there are bound to be millions (not even exaggerating) of baby rubber bands hiding around your house. Even if you put the loom away months ago, you will still find bands lurking in the carpet, on your tables, between couch cushions, and even at the bottom of your purse. They must self-multiply. How else is this even possible?

While I do love my collection of loom band bracelets, I’ve discovered that these baby rubber bands can do so much more than decorate my arms – and clog up my vacuum. They can actually be quite useful.

I’ve compiled a list of 10 creative ways to use loom bands.

{1} Hair Ties

Sometimes you just want to pull back a small section of hair or wear a single braid. Loom bands are perfect because they’re not as bulky as regular pony holders.

Loom bands as hair ties

I used a white loom band so it was easier to see. You could choose a color closer to your hair color if you’d rather have it blend in.

{2} Bouquet Holder

When you’re arranging flowers, it helps to have them secured toward the bottom of the stems so they stand upright (and exactly how you like them) in the vase. I wrapped a loom band around these stems twice for the perfect fit.

Loom bands as bouquet holder

Green loom bands would blend into the stems really well.

{3} Bottle Opener

Don’t you hate it when a bottle of nail polish has been painted shut? It can be nearly impossible to open because the handle is small and slippery. Wrap a loom band or two around the top and you can actually get a grip.

Loom bands as bottle opener

The easiest way to open nail polish, IMO. Love this color, too. It’s Ballet Slippers by Essie!

{4} Waistband Extender

If you’re feeling bloated after over indulging on salty popcorn – or if you’re expecting and aren’t ready to jump into maternity pants, this tip is for you. Thread a loom band through the button hole of your jeans or pants, then loop the end over the button. This gives you the perfect smidge of extra room around the waist without anyone ever knowing. Your secret is safe with me.

Loom bands as pants extender

The top shows you how to loop through the buttonhole. The bottom shows how it secures to the button.

{5} Spoon Saver

This isn’t a daily occurrence for me, because I don’t always cook, but sometimes my spoon slips down into my mixing bowl and the handle gets all messy. Such a bummer. Wrap a loom band around the upper part of the spoon’s handle, right above the point where the spoon touches the rim of the bowl. No more slipping and sliding. Yay!

Loom band as spoon saver

See how I wrapped the band around the end of the spoon?

{6} Drink Markers

Of course you could buy fancy wine glass markers, but why? Especially when you have those millions of loom bands looming around the house. Have each person pick their favorite color and slip the band over the stem of a wine glass.

This works for bottled water, too. Marking bottles helps keep track of whose is whose, and you don’t waste as much water!

Loom bands as drink markers

I call purple! Now, where’s that wine?

{7} Ribbon Holder

Ribbon can get out of hand if left to its own unfurling devices. And when you’re obsessed with ribbon, as I am, you have to have a plan of action for storage. I use loom bands to secure spools of ribbon and even little ribbon scraps. Then I store all of it in clear containers so I can easily see what’s inside. Another post, another day for that part.

Loom bands as ribbon holders

Totally tidy!

{8} Pencil Gripper

If you want a legitimate loom pencil gripper, this video shows you how to weave it together. If you want the 2-second version, just slip a few bands around your pencil and you have a no-slip grip in no time!

Loom band as pencil grip

Hmm, what shall I write with this comfortable pencil?

{9} Little Reminders

As long as the band isn’t too tight, you can slip one on your finger to remind you of something important.

Loom bands as reminders

Now I’ll remember to drink more water today!

Bonus idea: Use loom bands like a rubber thimble. Put a few on your finger tips, and it’s easier to shuffle through papers. I’m thinking teachers might like this trick?

{10} Cord Corral

I like to carry a phone charger in my purse so I can recharge at a moment’s notice. The trouble with those things is that they never stay wrapped. They go sprawling all over my purse – kinda like how that one zucchini plant took over my garden last summer. Out. of. control. Okay, so I wrapped a loom band around my charger to keep it pulled together.

Loom bands as cord corral

It’s nice and neat and ready to stash in my purse! Regular rubber bands have to be wrapped several times. I just slipped one loom band over the cord and called it good in the ‘hood.

What was your favorite idea? Be sure to pin it to your Pinterest board so you can remember it later!