Good Friday Wrap

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Every year on Good Friday, I try to pause for a moment of deep gratitude. If you’re Christian, like I am, we sit in amazement of the greatest gift given to humanity. It’s ours to have and hold in praise…knowing that Sunday is coming.

So in a moment of quiet, I started by looking back on this past week. While it wasn’t perfect, there were plenty of events and things to be thankful for. Here are a few that rose to the top. >

{ONE} Evan’s big day

My sweet Evan not only turned 14 this week (what?!), but also won a regional tournament with his soccer team. I’m so incredibly proud of him and his loving spirit. Most days, that is. Haha.

He’s a teen after all, and we’re not exempt from the roller coaster of emotions from those changing hormones. Since he’s my oldest, we’re learning through this together. He promised to always talk, and I promised to always listen. I love him to pieces – and love being his mama.

{TWO} Kittens on the porch

While April the giraffe is still pregnant and taking center stage in the media, we had a little birth story of our own. And right on our back porch.

We woke early one morning to find a mama and her FIVE kittens on our outdoor couch! Thank heavens my dog (and my niece’s dog, Frito, whom we were watching at the time) didn’t snatch them up before I made the discovery.

The mama cat got scared and scampered away leaving her babies behind. After securing the dogs inside, I put the kittens in a box with old blankets and moved them out of harms way to the side of the house.

Throughout the day the mama came back to get each one. She took quite a bit of time between each rescue, which worried me for a bit. In fact, one of them was left in the box when we went to bed, but she was rescued by the morning.

While I felt unsure about how things would turn out, I was thankful for the experience of meeting those kittens and caring for them in that short time.

{THREE} Seeds for the bees

I have been super excited to receive this free little gift in the mail. While I could have easily picked up a packet of wildflower seeds from the garden store, I like being part of the official #bringbackthebees effort that Veseys and Cheerios are supporting.

Bees are incredibly important to our food supply. NBC News reported that last year, the U.S. lost a mind-boggling 44 percent of its honeybee colonies. Crazy.

It’s also good to know we can help. Planting bee-friendly flowers, reducing or eliminating our use of pesticides and supporting local beekeepers with buying their honey are three super easy things we can do right now. So happy planting – and eating!!

{FOUR} Puppy faux-hawks

We had one day this week where all three of my kiddos were home sick. Some crazy virus was going around. Anyway, as we were homebound, drinking lots of water and resting, there came a time when we needed some comic relief.

Enter Leo.

Our mini goldendoodle is good for all kinds of laughter in our house. His playful tricks and constant kisses keep us smiling. And this week my daughter, Avery, found a new hilarious activity…puppy updos.

As Leo snuggled next to her on the couch, she would give him a new “do” and then take a picture. (We thought the faux-hawk was his best look.) He didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I think he liked having his hair played with. He’s such a good little puppy.

{FIVE} Easter centerpiece

Anything that involves flowers makes my heart happy. So as you can imagine, making this Easter table centerpiece was pure joy for me. I decided to go with garden plants this year instead of flowers. That way I can plant them directly into my garden after Easter.

This project was so easy, too. It literally took me five minutes to assemble. I’ll have the full DIY with pics tomorrow, so be sure to come back.

I hope your Friday is good and blessed,




Fun Friday Wrap

We’ve had such a fun-filled week (including last weekend). I thought I’d share some of the joy in my “Five on Friday” list. Here we go:

{ONE} Fayetteville Ale Trail

ale trail

Look at our fun, crazy friends. We’re blessed to have found this crew.

B and I had a BLAST touring several local craft breweries with our friends last weekend. Northwest Arkansas is a flourishing area for this type of thing. (There’s even this cool documentary about it.) And we’re the lucky ones who get to benefit from all of the creativity and delicious brews. My favorite of the day was T-Rex from Fossil Cove. It’s really good. And I sampled a lot of beer that day. Hiccup. A couple of the places offered tours, so it was also highly educational. Wink!

{TWO} Repurposed Muffin Tin

muffin tin

Okay, so I’m still on the topic of the beer tour, but I had to share this smart idea. You know I’m a sucker for repurposed anything. Well, I now have a new use for muffin tins!

Let me back up the bus. Whenever you order a flight, which is basically several little shots of beer, it’s usually served in small glasses nestled inside of a wooden tray. When we were at Saddlebock Brewery, they served their glasses in muffin tins. They used dry erase markers to label each of the beer samples. It may have been the beer, but I thought this was pure genius. There you have it!

{THREE} An All-American Performance
american performance

My sweet girls had a 4th grade performance last week that featured all American-themed songs. Clara is pictured on the left, and it’s a bit blurry because I was trying to work around the dude in front of me in the oversized cowboy hat. Seriously, people. Oh, and yes, that’s a giant pig in the background. I’m still not sure why there were farm animals, but they were very funny.

Avery, pictured on the right, was a flag twirler. You can tell from her expression that she was in her element. It was a wonderful moment for us, and for my parents who were able to join us, to celebrate our patriotism. It was much needed. Thank you, my twinsies!

{FOUR} Recovering Puppy

cone head leo

Our little Leo was neutered last week, so he has been recovering the past few days. The Cone of Shame comes off on Sunday, so I’m sure he’ll be back to his jumpy, puppy self once that happens. In the meantime, while he has been napping at my feet, look who came out of her room to play “office” with me…

rosie at the office

It’s Rosie the rabbit! She loved sitting in my lap while I worked. This picture cracked me up because it looks like she’s drinking a latte, and maybe posting a few blackmail pictures of Leo wearing his cone.

{FIVE} Thoughtful Anniversary Gift

IMG_6771 IMG_6772

As many of you know, B and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary a tad early when we took our trip to Oregon. Our official date is over Thanksgiving weekend. So in honor of our anniversary month, we’ve been spacing out special surprises for each other. One of them was opening this incredibly thoughtful gift from my parents.

It’s a brass door knocker they received as a wedding gift in 1958! They decided to share it with us on this special milestone. I love this so much. I hope I remember to hang on to gifts like this for my kids one day.

Here’s to more adventures ahead – for all of us, my friends!

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Revved Up for Friday

Happy Friday! It’s the weekend of Bikes, Blues and BBQ in Northwest Arkansas, so the energy (and sound levels) are off the charts around here. Before we head on down to the excitement, I wanted to share a few discoveries of the week. Here’s my Five on Friday Wrap.

Blogged while watching the high school parade march down our street. Happy homecoming, Har-Ber High. Go Wildcats!

{ONE} Birthday Cheers!

My sweet B had a birthday this week. He’s only 6-months younger than I am, but the kids still think it’s funny that I’m the oldest person in the house. Yes, it’s funny – on some days. Other days I get to use it to my advantage. If I’m the oldest, I get to pick [insert movie, song, or dessert choice here]. It’s perfect. On Brandon’s special day, though, the day he turns “my age,” he gets to pick the good stuff – including presents. He’s not big on surprises. He wanted some fancy-pants cocktail glasses like they had in Mad Men, and we found these. Aren’t they handsome? If you have a special fella in your life, this would make a great gift. They’re even Brandon-approved.

{TWO} Another Magical Use for Lavender


I’ve always been a huge fan of lavender. It smells divine and has so many uses. In fact, I just read it can help deter flies. This was a new one to me, so I had to share. If you rub a few drops of lavender oil (with an old rag) around the edges of your doorway, it keeps flies from coming inside. We’ve had countless trips in and out of the house lately trying to potty train Leo the puppy, so we could really use this right now. Shoo, fly.

{THREE} Pupdate

leo morning

Leo is pondering the day ahead – like where he’ll cop-a-squat.

Speaking of lil’ Leo, I haven’t given a pupdate in awhile. He’s up to around 10 pounds now. Such a big boy. We’ve continued with the puppy lessons at PetCo, and he’s now a champ with the “sit”, “down” and “wait” commands. I think “waiting” is the biggest miracle I’ve seen in quite awhile. Our trainer did some kind of voodoo mind trick on Leo. Our little dude was running around the room like a kid on caffeine, which I know is dangerous and is my point exactly. He was out-of-this-world wild with the crazy eyes and everything. Our trainer pulled out his magical treats, paired with his stern, calming voice. Within minutes, he had Leo not only sitting, but also waiting patiently to retrieve his snack. Wow. Just wow. Leo still jumps and nips at times – especially around new friends – but he’s sooo much better now that he knows to “wait”. I still think the command should have been “chill,” which is more accurate.

{FOUR} Hoppy Hour

We can’t forget about Rosie the Rabbit. And if you’re a rabbit owner like me, take note. There’s an actual thing called Hoppy Hour up in Minnesota. I don’t happen to live there, but a friend does. She takes her bun to a weekly gathering where tons of other rabbits and their owners gather for hay and coffee and a general good time. The bunnies bounce around and socialize, which is super important for their health. And owners can brag and/or gab about any issues they need to share. I’m so in love with this idea that I want to start one here. If anyone lives in this area and is interested, let me know! And if you don’t live here (or MN) you should start one in your area, too. Bunnies unite!

{FIVE} Writing Resources

Writing quote

Hey, if you’re like me and you love to write, why not get paid a little extra on the side for writing some great articles, poems or posts? A friend shared this resource with me this week, and I thought it would be worth passing along. Launch that Word program of yours, and see what pays off! If you have other go-to resources, be sure to share them in the comments.

Have a creative weekend, my friends!