Halloween Hit & Miss

Hopefully everyone had a frightfully fun Halloween. We had one of those weekends where we had to simply go with the flow. Nothing seemed to go as planned, but we managed to carve out some happiness.

Halloween bears

Clara had fun collecting candy as Supergirl and Avery felt extra pretty as an Indian Princess.

Avery and Clara Halloween

Even the Bear Club joined in the festivities. These were some of my favorite costumes the kids wore when they were tiny. Evan was the lion for his first Halloween. I think Avery and Clara wore the bee and ladybug when they were four? I’m so glad I kept these!!

Here’s a rundown of the night:

Hit: The biggest treat was having my parents (Mimi and Papa) join us. They’ve never experienced the craziness and joy of Halloween in our neighborhood, so they decided to give it a go. We always have hundreds of trick-or-treaters, and this year was no different.

It was also Leo’s first Halloween at our house. I bought him a canine calming coat, and it worked like a charm. In fact, he slept most of the night – even with all of the doorbell ringing and kids screaming, which I will explain momentarily.

Miss: We had grand plans to carve our pumpkins on Friday night, but Evan came home from school with a fever and ended up being sick all weekend. Poor kid. This was the second time he’s been sick on Halloween. Not cool.

Hit: The silver lining was waiting until Saturday to carve pumpkins when Mimi and Papa were here. It turns out my mom is quite the master carver and made a Shrek-looking monster with protruding ears. Kids kept commenting on how cool our pumpkins and other decorations were. Well, most of them…

Miss: Remember the floating witches’ hats that I adored hanging in the archways of my front porch? They were not-so-adored by the little ones. We had two kids (like maybe 2 and 3-years-old) who screamed liked their knees were bleeding when the hats moved with the wind. I’ve never had “scary” decorations before, so this reaction was new to me. I tried to comfort them by explaining they were just silly hats, but they were not having any of it. They were like, “Just give me my candy before I pee on your steps already!”

Hit: In addition to handing out boatloads of candy, I made a few batches of popcorn. You know the Boo Bags I talked about last week? We made those. We offered a choice of “popcorn or candy” and the winner by far was popcorn. One kid ran down the sidewalk yelling, “That house has POPCORN!!” It was hilarious. I plan to do that again for sure – and make more next time.

All in all, the night turned out great. Like I said, it wasn’t perfect – or the way I had imagined it all going down, but sometimes that’s better. If it weren’t for the a few of those misses, I wouldn’t have relished in all of the happiness.


Here’s to a week full of surprises.