Making Haikuesday a Thing

Hello, my creative friends. I just realized I haven’t posted a creative tip on Tuesday in quite some time, so here I am. Posting. And I have a fun activity for us to share.

Have you ever written a haiku before? It’s a Japanese poem that has a mere 17 syllables. And they’re written in a pattern…only three lines long with the following breakdown of syllables: 5 – 7 – 5.

Here’s an example that also tells you what to do >>

  • The first line is five
  • The second line is seven
  • Last line, five again

See what I did there? Lol.

Okay, so backing up for a second, I gave myself the personal creative challenge of going for a short walk and paying attention to everything I saw. Not just notice the ducks on the water behind our house, but also listen to how they sound and watch how they push water with their hidden webbed feet below. Slow down time so I can truly appreciate what’s there. Absorb the details.

Love and gratitude comes from noticing the details.

The details of our day…the things we notice and collect…can be used to build a nest. A soft spot for our creativity to crack open all wet, scared and hungry to survive. A thing for us to nurture, to feed, to protect and eventually nudge into the world to fly. To take-in air under its wings and defy the logic of gravity. To surprise and delight others, and ultimately to inspire.

Once I took my walk and jotted down a few details, I noticed there was a rhythm to what I was writing. I could feel it, but couldn’t see the pattern right away.

Curious, I googled “haiku” and discovered that with a few slightly different word choices, I was writing a series of poems. It felt synchronistic, so I kept going. And in walked part two of my creative challenge. The Haiku. >>

  • New life still in shell
  • speckled with dirt, frailty and
  • anticipation.

  • The choir of ducks
  • mistaken for croaking frogs
  • if not for my sight.

  • Sitting in stillness,
  • slowing the pace of my breath,
  • adding weight to time.

These are just a few of my walk-inspired poems from today. I posted the egg on Instagram and tagged it with #haikuesday.

I was a little inspired by Christoph Niemann. He posts original (and highly creative) drawings on Sundays. While I’m not a painter, maybe I can use my writing paired with photos to start something? Maybe this can be a new thing for all of us? Walking slowly, at least once a week, to notice the details and give them the honor of becoming a poem?

I hope you’ll join me. Let’s try our hand at writing a haiku once a week. Comment below if you’re in, and tag me on your posts when you write your poems so I can love all over your beauty. I’m on Instagram and Twitter as Kate, and The Neat Nook has its very own Facebook page @TheNeatNook

Let’s have some fun noticing and creating!