A Simple Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall Full ShotHey, friends. Here’s a project that’s been on my wish list for quite some time, and I finally got to it this past week. (happiness!) I thought it would be fun to show and tell you about a few tips I learned along the way.

Now, I think the reason it took me so long to get to this is because it seemed like such a huge deal – requiring holes in walls. I promise, organizing and arranging all of your favorite pictures on a wall is much easier than it looks.

Here’s how it went down…

{1st} Frames

flea market picture framesI decided to start with the frames and hit up several stores looking for good deals. Flea markets are perfect for this kind of shopping. The color of frame really doesn’t matter. There’s spray paint to fix that situation to make them any color you’d like.

{2nd} Butcher Paper

Butcher PaperOnce I had frames of various sizes, I cut butcher paper to fit the size of each frame. Then I taped the pieces to the wall so I could play and move them around to make different arrangements – without making millions of holes. Here’s a fantastic resource for different ways to arrange your pictures (sample below). This was also a good way to tell if I needed to buy more frames or find fun objects to fill some spaces.

Sample Gallery Wall Arrangements

{3rd} Mixed Media

Gallery Wall Initial

Here’s a closeup of a few odds & ends I included in my gallery. Also notice the interesting shapes on some of the frames. That can help add interest to your collection, as well.

Gallery Wall Small Touches

I love how this distressed wooden flower coordinates with the framed fabric.

I decided to make room in my arrangement for a few odds and ends to add interest. Sentimental objects, like an initial letter “A” that was sitting on a bookshelf, made perfect additions to the wall. I also shopped for pretty pieces of fabric in coordinating patterns to add pops of color here and there. (The pictures are a little misleading because I actually hung these items while there was still just butcher paper on the wall. I forgot to snap pics at that stage.)

{4th} Photos

Walgreens Photo OrderNow for the pictures! Based on my arrangement, I was able to make a list of how many (and what size) pictures were needed. I combed through my phone and computer, decided on the top pics, and ordered prints online. Walgreen’s photo lab was easiest for me because there’s a store close to my house. I was able to order and pick up pictures within hours. Pretty slick. Once I got the pictures home, I put them directly into their assigned frames.

{5th} Lipstick, Hammer & Nails

Hanging Picture Tip with Lipstick

Left: Paper is still on the wall; Right: I’m making a lipstick mark on the picture frame hardware.

Yes, I just said lipstick. With the butcher paper still on the wall, my mixed media items now in tact, and all of my pictures in their frames, I took an old tube of lipstick (the one that was way too bright and scared my children) and marked the back of my frame where the nail needed to go.

Hanging Picture Tip with Lipstick MarkI pushed the frame against the butcher paper so I left a mark directly on the paper. That told me exactly where to place the nail.

Hanging Picture Tip

Left: I nailed through the paper – just enough to make a small hole; Right: I removed the paper and nail to reveal the perfect spot.

As you can see, I tapped the nail right through the paper, removed it all from the wall and then nailed for real so I could hang the picture already.

That’s it! I repeated the process until all of my pictures were hung in the hallway with care.

How simple is that? Hopefully you’re saying, “Yes, super simple, Kate. Thanks for being so awesome and sharing that with me!” Okay, maybe not, but hopefully it eased your mind a teensy bit about tackling your next gallery project. Have fun and be sure to share pictures of your pictures.

Wishing you the best.