New Uses for Egg Cartons

Hi, friends! For the next installment of “new uses for old things,” I’m sharing ideas for egg cartons.


I’ve been on an egg kick lately since they’re packed with so much protein – and I’m on a Whole30ish diet. (I’m not as strict as the book would like me to be, but I’m definitely cutting out lots of carbs and cheese.)

Anyway, I’ve been collecting tons of egg cartons and decided to find ways to repurpose these interesting little boxes of cubicles.

First, a fun fact: Did you know a British Columbian newspaper editor invented the egg box out of paper in 1911? The invention was the result of a debate between a farmer and hotel owner over broken eggs – and both parties were blaming the other.

Now for the list. These ideas fall into two simple categories: practical and just plain pretty >>


A Cupcake Carrier

What a great way to get those cupcakes to the school party without squishing them onto a tray or inside of a plastic bin. The lid might be optional – depending on how elaborate you’ve gone on the frosting,

OR…A Deviled Egg Dish

I know this isn’t too far from its original purpose, but somehow it delighted me to see this simple idea. A picnic plus.

Junk Drawer Organizer

Those mini egg holes are perfect for collecting thumbtacks, safety pins, or other small odds and ends that land in your junk drawer.

Nail Polish Holder

I like how this is stacked or elevated so you can easily see your polish colors. If I walked into your bathroom and saw this display, I’d think I was in a nail salon. Gel or no?

K-cup Corral

Yes, please. I take all of my K-cups out of their original box as soon as I get home from the store. Is that just me? Then I just stick them in a drawer by my Keurig. I think this egg carton trick will keep them from sliding around when I open and close said drawer. Yay!


Picture Frame or Mirror

Can you even believe those gorgeous flowers? They’re made with egg cartons!! This picture shows them glued to the edge of a mirror. You could do the same with a picture frame.

Flowers for Keeps

Here’s another source that shows you how to make show stopping egg carton flowers. You could hot glue these to pretty much anything you wanted to beautify. I’m thinking packages, lamp shades, Mason jar lids, headbands, napkin rings…

Tabletop Fairy Garden

You know how much I love a good fairy garden. Well, look at this darling idea that uses pieces of egg shell right in their cups to pull off the perfect miniature garden.

Herb Garden Gift

This might be the next gift I assemble for someone. It’s such a simple, yet beautiful idea. It’s a half carton, so it’s not too cumbersome. And like the fairy garden idea, this also uses the egg shells. This time they’re seedling starters. Cute, right?

Bats for Halloween!

I couldn’t leave you without sharing an idea for our next holiday: Halloween!! Look at these spooky bats, which are super easy to make. I think they’d look so cute dangling from the lights over our kitchen table or across the mantel.

I hope you’ve had fun scrolling through the list. Links to these projects are found under each photo, so be sure to click for more details.

Swing back by on Friday for the final list of the week. This time: new uses for cupcake liners. You won’t believe what these little paper cups can do.

See you then!!