A Blooming Warm Winter

Can you believe I’m writing about gardening this time of year?! It’s because this warm weather has tricked my plants into blooming already! Where I live we don’t usually see blooms for another month or so. But this has been the winter that never was…no snow days or long stretches of freezing temps that require cups of delicious cocoa. I’m sure the garden was like, “If this is how it’s gonna be, I’ll just bloom already.”

And so it did.


Well, hello there!

What does this mean?

If plants are in fact blooming, like mine are, we’ll just enjoy their fresh faces a little sooner than normal. Now, if the weather decides to dip below freezing or dump snow, the flowers will probably be damaged for the season. Sad face.

The redeeming part is that a bloom-freeze shouldn’t have any adverse affects on the bulb’s performance in the seasons to come. For now, though, there are a couple of things we could do.

{ONE} Cut and Enjoy

For any flowers that have bloomed, we could simply cut and bring them in the house. They can’t survive the cold temps outside, but we can extend their life inside – where they’ll brighten up our kitchen tables!

{TWO} Protect the Buds

plants with mulch

These are actually garlic buds that are protected with straw.

Once we’ve taken care of the blooms, we can protect any unopened buds by covering them with dry leaves, straw or mulch. As soon as the weather warms up again, and the threat of frost is gone, just uncover the plants and allow them to continue to grow as normal.

Pretty simple, but worth thinking about so you get the most from your bloomin’ beauties. I’ll have more pre-spring gardening tips tomorrow. See you then, my friends.