Embellished with Ease

Before I dive into some beautiful DIY embellishment projects, I have to ask…

Did ya’ll know March is national craft month?

Whaaat?! I stumbled upon this news while I was googling craft supplies, which is a fairly common activity for me. I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this before. What bolt of fabric have I been living under?

Most of my favorite crafty spots were offering specials in honor of this glorious holiday. So first, I gathered the great deals I could find into one, organized spot for you:

  • Craftsy – enter to win a $700 mystery box
  • JoAnn – 50% off one item using promo code: CRAFT70
  • Blitsy – sale pricing on select items
  • HSN – special pricing on select craft items
  • Hobby Lobby – up to 50% select craft items

(If you know of others, please share!)

Next, I decided it would be fun to do a few projects together. Let’s kick things off with a few fast & fun embellishments. Shall we?

PS. I completed these over the weekend. Our schedule was packed with soccer games and playdates, so you know these had to be easy if I was able to tackle them in a few short hours. 

{Tassel Necklaces}

Have you spotted the hot tassel trend? I started noticing it last summer. And now that spring is around the corner, tassels are on everything – like these darling jewels and all of these.

Instead of buying a bunch of new baubles, I decided to jazz up a few pieces I already own – like this beaded necklace >>

finished necklace

necklace closeup

How? I tied a tassel to a charm, then used the metal ring from the charm to attach to the necklace. Easy, breezy.


These silk tassels were from Hobby Lobby – in the sewing section. Notice I only paid $1.99 for 4 tassels. TIP: I found a much better selection online than in store.

{Simple Message Board}

Next up, this little number was something I created from a square picture frame, a piece of pretty scrapbooking paper and ribbon. Once I assembled everything, I jotted a happy note with a dry erase marker.

I placed this in my laundry room because I was needing happy thoughts in there – especially now that soccer season has started. Yikes.

dry erase frame

All of the supplies for this project came from Hobby Lobby. (They’re not an affiliate link or anything. I just shop there all of the time because we have a store right down the street.) Anyway, among many things, I like getting picture frames from there because they’re usually 50% off. Score.

{A Sweet Tee}

My budding Southern girls love having their stuff monogrammed: backpacks, journals, cups, hair ribbons, bracelets, tees…you name it. I’m seriously considering getting a Cricut just so I can personalize everything myself.

Until that time, I found these adorable iron-on letters. It literally took less than 5 min. to embellish this sweet pocket tee from Old Navy.

monogrammed pocket

Didn’t this turn out so cute? The pocket helped ground the design, so the letters weren’t floating in the middle of nowhere.

monogrammed letters

The letters are sold separately, so you can get the right shape to make the overall monogram. This is the packet for the letter “M” that went on the right.

{Pretty Office Supplies}

You may remember I made a small batch of these paper clips during my home office makeover. (PS. I’m still loving my space!!) Well, I use these little clips all the time, so I made more for the collection.

ribbon clips completed

ribbon clips

These are gold paper clips that have been embellished with pretty black & gold polka dot ribbon. I cut the ribbon to about 5″ long before tying to the clip. TIP: Tie to the small end of the clip so it’s easier to attach the clip to papers, etc.

{Fancy Picture Frame}

For whatever reason, I have a stash of plain black frames in my garage. I think they were left over from one of Brandon’s office moves. Anyway, they’ve been sitting there looking at me for who knows how long. So I decided to fancy them up for my black-and-gold themed office space.

Look what happens with a little gold glitter washi tape. Magic, I tell ya’ >>

washi frame after

washi frame closeup

This is a closeup so you can see how pretty it looks. Also notice I cut the corners at an angle so the tape didn’t overlap.

washi frame before

I was in luck that the frame was the exact width of the washi tape. If your frame is wider, you could easily apply several rows of tape (vertically). Pick a tape that doesn’t have a pattern (like this glitter) so it blends seamlessly.

{A Jar of Markers}

This is a bonus idea, and something that was given to the girls for their birthday a few weeks ago. It was such a thoughtful gift – and fit perfectly with today’s theme. I decided to go ahead and share it with you!

embellished marker jars

These are Ball jars that have been embellished with stickers and filled with colorful markers and highlighters!

marker jar lids

Burlap flowers were hot glued to the lids.

marker jar

Each jar was personalized with black glitter stickers. Simple and darling, right? My girls really loved this gift from their friend, Haila.

Have fun crafting this month – and always. What projects are you working on? I’d love to know!