An Easy Easter Centerpiece

Hello, sweet friends! As promised, I wanted to give you the quick rundown on this super easy centerpiece that would look beautiful on your Easter table. And it’s so easy, you’d have time to run to the garden store and assemble this for the morning. Promise.

I have lots of pictures, so let’s get right to it! >>

Start with a pretty basket. I found this metal basket on sale at Hobby Lobby. The scalloped edges and two little birds resting on the ledge are what sold me. <3

Add liners. This will keep any dirt and water from leaking on your table. I used two round, plastic liners to fit this particular basket. I’d recommend taking your basket to the garden store to be sure you find the right fit.

Gather your plants. I bought several six-packs of flowers from the store, and then I separated them (by cutting them apart with scissors) into single planters. You can see a sample below.

Arrange your plants. This is the fun part. Take all of your individual flowers and spread them around your mini garden.

I used a mix of dusty miller, petunias and colorful portulaca. The girls thought the bright colors looked like Easter eggs. (We’ll actually add some of those in a moment.)

This is a close up look at how I arranged the planters. I just plopped them down into the liners.

Add some green moss. To fill in the empty spots and give the centerpiece a cohesive look, I decided to use preserved moss.

You can get this from Hobby Lobby, Walmart or any craft store. If you’ve never worked with it before, it’s easier to use when it’s wet. So run it under the faucet, squeeze the excess water, and then you can pull it apart without it shedding everywhere.

Here’s a top view of the arrangement with moss.

Here’s a close up of the moss so you can see I tucked it into the corners. Since my basket has wide openings on the side. I also tucked some along all of the edges.

Decorate with eggs. You can use any Easter decorations you have on hand. I happened to have pastel eggs that I bought at Walmart last season. I just scattered them around the arrangement.

Enjoy! Here’s a picture of the final arrangement.

Once the Easter celebrations are over, I plan to pull the flowers out of the arrangement and plant them directly into my garden. That way I can enjoy them all summer long.

I hope you’ll give this a try. Let me know how it goes – and what flowers you end up using. Have a beautiful day!