Friday Wrap: A Few Good Finds

Hello, dear friends! Friday happened again. So that’s a good start to the weekend. I’ve been a busy little shopper, researcher and reader this week. Here are five of my favorite finds of the week:

{ONE} Party Goods

My twin girls are turning 11 years old!! We’re having a small party next weekend, so I’m in search-and-stock mode at the moment.

I found some adorable paper straws and cups at Walmart! I’ve never seen anything like this in their aisles, so I was pleasantly surprised to spot these finds.

The brand is Gartner Studios, which you can also find online. They must have designed a few product just for Walmart? Regardless, it’s all super cute stuff. Here’s a better look…

This shows the full kit, which comes with paper flowers and even some adhesive tabs so you can attach them right where you want.

We decided to sample one. You know, for research. Cheers! 😉

These snack cups are the perfect size for a large scoop of ice cream – maybe even served over a brownie. Mmm. I like where this is headed.

Look how cute these patterns and colors are?!

Oh, so I forgot to mention, the theme for the party is still yet to be determined. Just because A&C are identical twins doesn’t mean they always agree on everything. Sigh.

So far, we’re down to a unicorn-mermaid-fairy party. At least they’re somewhat related. You know, mythical creatures. You’ll have to check back next week to see where we landed.

{TWO} Teddy Bear Toast

You may remember how much my girls adore bears? In fact, last year’s party was a full on bearthday celebration. Maybe that’s what nudged me to make this sweet snack for them?

I can’t take total credit for this. I found the idea on Pinterest (where pretty much all great ideas are born.)

All it took was a piece of toast, nut butter, sliced bananas (using the tip of the banana for the nose) and three blueberries. It’s super easy – and everything actually tastes good together.

P.S. The plate is from my Pioneer Woman dinnerware set that B bought me for Christmas last year. Still loving them to pieces.

{THREE} Local Honey

If we’re friends on Facebook, you may have seen this post about endangered bees. Yes, you read that right. Endangered bees – like the bumble kind that we need to pollinate our crops, which provide our food. There’s a species up in MN that’s considered nearly extinct. Sad face.

While the news is tragic, we can think of it this way: at least some of our bees are finally being protected. Also, there are things we can do to help the bee population near us.

First and foremost, we can buy local honey! I found this yummy treat at a local market.

Keeping beekeepers in business helps the overall population of bees. Plus, fresh, local honey just tastes better. Some people even say it helps with allergies.

Other things you can do? Grow a garden to invite bees to pollinate and populate, and limit the pesticides.

{FOUR} Tinted Lip Oil

I could spend hours in the beauty section of Walgreens. No joke. I love checking out new products, smelling all of the shampoos, sampling nail polish on my thumbnail (I hope that’s legal), and trying to determine the right shade of color to dye my relentless grays.

Today’s outing included the discovery of tinted lip oil. Check it out…

Just as the name implies, it’s a lightly tinted oil that you brush onto your lips. It’s basically lip gloss, but once I applied it (after I bought it) I think it’s more moisturizing than a gloss. It’s also not as shiny.

I’m pretty conservative when it comes to lip color. Side story: I wore bright red lipstick to a formal event one time, and it nearly made the kids cry. They thought I was a clown.

I went with the option closest to nude, called Caramel Cloud. It really doesn’t have much color, so I almost wish I picked something a tad darker. Here were my choices…

{FIVE} This Quote >>

So…I finally caught up on reading my current issue of Real Simple, and really loved this article by Marjorie Ingall that was titled, “How I Finally Tackled All of Those Half-Done Projects.”

This gem of a quote (above) was found in the article – and came from a life coach who tried to nudge Marjorie to completion.

I thought this was a fascinating way to think about time management. She’s essentially saying we need to strip away the stuff that doesn’t contribute to our happiness and purpose. When we do this, we can have a healthy schedule – one we love and can easily manage. Life doesn’t need to be so hard.

Then there’s this fantastic last line:

“A good motto and an ironic conclusion: Perhaps being a little more chill and self-forgiving about not getting more done could actually help me get more done.”

Here’s to taking it easy on ourselves.





Organize Your Special Days in Style

Facebook is great for reminding us about birthdays (among other things), but when it comes to keeping track of all your special events, including anniversaries and personal moments – like the day you were engaged or found out you were pregnant – the perfect thing to have is a perpetual calendar.

What’s a perpetual calendar?!

It’s just like a normal calendar, but it doesn’t list specific days of the week. That means you can use it year after year. For example, the month of January looks like this…


See how there are just dates – without days of the week to lock in a specific year?

I’ve used one for years. I keep it on the wall of my work space at home because I think it’s pretty.

perpetual calendar

See? isn’t this cute?!

How do I use it?

Once I purchased my calendar, I sat and wrote down every special event I could think of or had written in my day planner. From there, it became a matter of checking each month or adding new dates.

I’ve made a habit of looking at it at the beginning of each month. Then I purchase cards and gifts in one big batch. Sometimes I’ll also jot a note in my day planner to give special people a call or send a FB message.

Where can you find them?

If you’re in the market for a new perpetual calendar, or if you’ve never used something like this before, be sure to check out these beauties below. (I made sure to include links to each source so you can easily find them.)

Now, if you’d rather go down-and-dirty, you could always download this free printable from Whitney English. I’m using her Day Designer this year, and she recently shared this with her planner peeps.

Whichever route you choose, here’s to a happy day organizing your special days!