Five April Fool’s Pranks to Pull Right Now!

How perfect that a ‘holiday’ like April Fool’s falls on a Friday this year. It’s already a day we feel relaxed, silly and excited for the next two days ahead. With that said, here are some of my favorite pranks that are easy – and harmless. So let’s get started…

{ONE} Fruit Punch, Anyone?

jello prank

These drinks are made with Jello, so they’re impossible to sip, but guaranteed to surprise!! You could totally make these for dinner. Insert a straw right after you pour the Jello mix into the glasses and let them cool in the refrigerator until it’s time to serve.   {source}

{TWO} Air Horn Surprise

air horn wall protector

When you duct tape an air horn to a wall, you’re sure to give someone a giant surprise when they walk in the room. This would be funny in a bathroom or office. Air horns are usually in the Sports & Outdoors section of stores like Walmart.  {source}

{THREE} iPhone Cat Apps

cat apps

Turn all of the app icons on your friend’s iPhone to crazy cat faces! This would require some logistics getting your friend or co-worker’s phone, but it would be worth the laugh. This is the link to make it happen.

{FOUR} Shadow Bugs

bug in lamp

This would be an easy way to freak out anyone who turns on the lamp!! Cut out the shape of a very large, creepy bug and tape it to the inside of your shade. {source}

{FIVE} Googly Eyes for the Win

googly eyes

Add self-adhesive googly eyes to everything – and I mean everything. Lol! {source}

lunchbox prank

This would make the perfect lunchbox prank. {source}

Enjoy the day indulging your inner prankster!




The Diary of a Real Housewife



April Fools’ Fun

balloon prank

Happy April Fools’ Day! Who doesn’t love a good office prank like this one?

 If you love practical jokes and a good harmless hoax, today is your day to celebrate!

I definitely get a kick out of April Fools’ and remain 100% leery of any new products or announcements made on this day. Mostly because I’m so gullible. Case in point, my brother once told me the bottom of the swimming pool smelled like strawberry bubblegum. I only realized the prank once I sniffed a gallon of water up my nose. #notcool #shouldhaveknownbetter

In the spirit of the day, I’ve been keeping my eye out for some of the funniest and most clever pranks, and this is my list of faves so far:

Darby Smart

I received an email from Darby Smart, the mail-order DIY company, this morning announcing the new do-it-furself trend that has your furry friends crafting right alongside you. Projects such as kitty knitting and puppy paw painting are all featured on their site (today only, I’m sure). The pictures are hilarious.


Cat-stichin‘ is the next big trend in prafting.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Last year on this day, Crystal Bridges announced a piranha infestation within one of the ponds on the property. It was a joke well played and showed a lighter side of the museum. So I was curious what they’d be up to this year, and I found this announcement on Facebook: a new slip-n-slide! The museum claims the installation of a slip-n-slide will elevate the excitement of the museum, while following a growing trend. Am I the only one who wishes this was kinda real?

Crystal Bridges slide

New slip-n-slide coming to the museum.


In national news, T-Mobile announced a new phone plan. They are letting customers add their beloved family pets to their phone line for just $5 a month. How great is that? Meow.

T-Mobile pets unleashed

Pets can have phones, too, thanks to T-Mobile


Google is notorious for their April Fools’ pranks, and today they actually have two good ones. The first one is pretty simple. If you type into your browser, everything on Google is backwards!

You can also play Pac Man with your neighborhood on Google Maps. This one is less prank and a lot more play.

What good jokes did you witness (or pull on someone) today? Do tell!!