Creative Tip: Live Like an Animal

As humans it’s our nature to have a bit of a wild side. At our core, we’re really just a bunch of animals (highly domesticated, of course). We have a beautiful and innate ability to explore, run, climb and capture. But sometimes we get caught up in the trap of our own advanced minds. We over think situations; we doubt our abilities; and we allow ourselves to feel alone in our problems. We lose touch with our true selves and feel stressed, worried and sometimes stagnant.Dog TherapyIf you ever find yourself feeling this way, perhaps it’s a sign you need to connect back with nature – your true source. Maybe take a walk, breathe some fresh air, and spend time with an animal. Animals, whether they’re out in the wild or snuggled up on our couches, can serve as an amazing source of inspiration.

I believe animals have three special qualities we can emulate to help us live more meaningful and creative lives.

  1. Instinct: animals never question their decisions
  2. Authenticity: animals simply are who they are
  3. Health: animals constantly exercise, eat what’s right, and rest when needed

Pull out your journal and explore some questions for each of these qualities.


  • Do you trust your instincts when designing, writing or creating? When is it harder to do this? Why is that?
  • When it comes time to judge and edit your own work (which is something you should always do after the ideation process), do you follow your instinct for what should be changed or which direction to choose?


  • Do you know your own authentic voice? Look at your previous projects or home. What do you see that’s consistent about your style and your decisions?
  • When do you most feel like yourself? What types of activities are you doing?
  • When you’re in the process of creating, how can you quiet the critics and turn up the volume on your inner voice?


  • Do you take time to exercise? Sometimes a simple walk around the block over lunch is enough to recharge your creativity and mood.
  • Are you drinking enough water and eating foods that make you feel good? There are so many fad diets, and I don’t think you need any of them to be healthy. I believe deep down, you know the foods that are right for your body. Take time to slow down and listen.
  • How many hours of sleep are you getting? Do you feel like it’s enough?

Another interesting exercise to try when you’re faced with a challenge is to think of a solution from an animal’s perspective. It might feel weird at first, but think about how a lion would solve your problem. How would a small bird approach the situation? See where it takes you, and you might find a few surprising answers from simply changing your point of view.

Let me know how this works for you. I’d love to hear your feedback or any tips you’d like to share about how you stay creative. In the meantime, have a wildly fun and inspiring day!