St. Patrick’s Day Prep

irish blessing

Hello, my friends. I wanted to share a few easy ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. Even if you aren’t Irish, it’s fun to get your green on and join in the festivities. The holiday is right around the bend, so let’s see what we can do!

{Decorate with Greens}

Traditional shamrocks, also called Oxalis, are lovely to have around the house this time of year. They make you feel lucky just looking at them, and they’re beautiful enough for a centerpiece. Add this to your decor, and you’re good-to-go!

You could also buy an assortment of fresh cut flowers that feature shades of green. Here’s a chart that helps you identify a few choices. It’s a nice little cheat sheet for calling your florist!

green flowers

This is so lovely, I could almost frame it as a print! {source}

{Wear a Pinch of Green}

You don’t have to deck out in green from head-to-toe. Maybe try just your head? Look at these adorable hair clips I found on Etsy. It’s simply a series of loops that have been hot glued (from what I can tell) in the center. Then it’s all glued to a clip. I’m going to attempt to make these for Avery & Clara this afternoon.

For a more grownup option, you could tie your hair in a Celtic knot. Isn’t this gorgeous? You’d still have to add a touch of green somewhere, but I have an idea for that…

Celtic Knots

How about a touch of green on your nails? This is a super easy way to feel festive. I posted some nail options on Friday, and I decided to go with the minty polka dot!

minty polka dots

{Treat Your Friends}

A large part of St. Patrick’s day is about gathering for parades, beers, and general camaraderie. So why not share a few Irish kisses while you’re at it? Check out this easy DIY jar filled with golden kisses.

I’m thinking this would be cute for not only my friends, but also my kids’ teachers. If you can’t find the gold-wrapped kisses, you could make a version with chocolate “coins” and add a message of “Wishing you a pot of luck!” (I’ve seen tons of coins in the Easter candy section.)

{Serve a Shamrock Snack}

Instead of serving up the McDonald’s version of a shamrock treat (that contains 820 calories – yikes!), I much prefer this option. Cut a kiwi into slices and use a shamrock-shaped cookie cutter to make these sweet treats! These would be cute served for lunch. I could also see these served on a tray with green grapes and green apples.

Enjoy your preparations. I’ll see you on Thursday with a special St. Patty’s Day blessing! Until then, “May you have the hindsight to know where you’ve been, the foresight to know where you are going, and the insight to know when you have gone too far.” #irishwisdom



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