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Hi! My husband took this picture of the kids and I while we were on vacation in Seaside, FL.

Thank you so much for being here. My name is Kate, and I hope you’ve checked out the blog and found some inspiration. That’s really the main goal for the site. I love helping people shine a light on their own creativity.

A little about my background

I started my career as a copywriter working at an ad agency. From the moment I stepped foot into the industry, I felt at home. I loved the insanity of a creative department. It was like the land of misfit toys full of wonderful and wildly imaginative people.

I made great friends (even met my husband), worked really hard and eventually found myself in leadership positions guiding and motivating other creatives. I’m still in the business today. I work part-time as a creative consultant and writer, while also holding down the fort as a mom.IMG_4419

Family life

I’m married to an incredible guy (that’s Brandon) who makes me laugh and feel good about myself. We have three kids: Evan, Avery and Clara.

Evan lives and breathes soccer and is the best big brother a kid could have. The highlight of his life so far has been meeting his all-time hero and best goal keeper in the world, Tim Howard.

Evan meeting Tim Howard!

Evan meeting Tim Howard!

The girls are identical twins with opposite personalities. They love a mix of art, soccer, and dancing. Not the kind of dancing that requires tap shoes and tutus. I’m talking self-choreographed dances in the living room to Michael Jackson songs. My greatest joy is being called mom by these sweet kiddos.BearsWe have a pet rabbit named Rosie. She eats fresh lettuces and herbs – and only the tops of carrots. Sometimes we dress her up in Build-A-Bear clothes. She thinks they’re made just for her. Shh.IMG_4389

We also have a sweet pup named Leo. He’s a mini Goldendoodle who stole our hearts the moment we saw that fuzzy little face of his.

Meeting Leo

Growing up

I grew up in Arkansas as the youngest of five kids. I have two brothers and two sisters. I was the tie-breaker. Girls for the win!

I have a seriously cool (and talented!) family that just keeps growing with nieces, nephews and cousins. I’m beyond blessed in this department.

Meeting my brothers and sisters.

Meeting my brothers and sisters. Circa 1973. {And probably why the picture is fuzzy – and orange?}

I like to think I get my smile and positive disposition from my dad. My mom is equally joyful with a gift for all things creative. She’s officially a Master Gardener and unofficially a master seamstress, knitter, painter and general crafter. Needless to say, we have lots of fun together!

This is a picture of my parents dancing at my wedding.

This is a picture of my parents dancing at my wedding. <3

Ten random things…

  1. My nickname was “fish” growing up. I lived in the water. I was a lifeguard, swim coach and year-round competitive swimmer. One highlight was coaching a young girl in the Special Olympics. She went on to win a gold medal in backstroke. I was so tearfully proud of her. Still am.
  2. I know how to skateboard. It’s been awhile, like since I was 12, but I had an old-school skinny board that I rode for hours in my driveway.
  3. There are always fresh flowers in my house. My habit started when I worked in a flower shop in college. I wasn’t a floral designer per se. I was the one who unpacked boxes, but a perk was learning all the names of the flowers and how to care for them. It was messy, but I would totally do that job again.
  4. My family cheers for the Huskers. My husband and I both graduated from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Go Big Red!
  5. I know some sign language. I’m pretty solid with the alphabet, and I would love to learn more.
  6. I love traveling. One of my favorite trips was when Brandon and I visited France for our friend’s wedding. Love that place. The people, the food, the language, the wine…all delicious.
  7. My cars have names. I’ve had a Yoda, Sugar, Goldie, White Lightning and currently drive Mellow. It’s not yellow.
  8. Every night I DVR Jimmy Fallon. Love him. Love his show. Beyond words.
  9. I met Mindy Kaling one time at a conference in Austin, TX. She was super cool. We smiled like friends.

    Oh, hey there. Just Mindy and I hanging out.

  10. I get a kick out of blending words. Give me any two words and I’ll find a way to blend them. What’s a book turned into a movie, you say? “Boovie” Next. And yes, my family loves eating brinner (breakfast foods for dinner) with sporks (those weird things from KFC that’s part spoon, part fork).

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me. I can’t wait to hang out more together on the blog!




10 comments on “Meet Kate

  1. Well as the oldest and grooviest big sister of Kate- yes I am the one in the red knit vest with the ruffles -I must say I am so proud of our sweet Katie Fish- we also called her the Word Lady- can you read why?!
    Random? Not sure- my 3 daughters name their cars too! We have Henrietta the Jetta, Pearl ( such a Diva!), Baby Prius and Princess!
    I love you dear Kate- 14 years apart but very close in our hearts.

    • Thank you, Debby. You’re such a special part of my life – red knit vest and all! I feel so blessed to have you as my big sis.

      • My Sunflower Woman! Grlady? (Girl Lady) My first blog reply. Yes, a generation behind!?
        Love You and Your Mom and Your Sister…as always. Former DG Mom. Now KSU, Manhattan, KS, Sigma Kappa.

        • Hi, LaDell!! It’s so great to hear from you. My mom still has your sunflower painting in her living room. You’re such a talented artist. We think of you often. I hope those Sigma Kappas know what a gem they have. Hugs to you!! -Kate

  2. Love love your ideas! I want to see the Neat Nook go from a blog to a boutique. You can incorporate your love of flowers, writing, and creativity all under one roof! I would be your first and very loyal customer 🙂

    • Aww, thanks Becky! I would love to do start something like that one day – and would especially love seeing you more often!! I miss you.

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