Manage the Morning Madness

Processed with VSCOcam with s5 presetThere have been mornings in my house what would rival the madness of a Black Friday sale. Kids are tired and fussy, breakfast is burning in the toaster, I can’t find my favorite pair of earrings, and there’s less than 10 minutes before the final school bell rings. I never intend for our mornings to get so out of hand, yet simple missteps can send all of us spiraling into chaos.

I started doing a few things to tame the madness and thought they were worth sharing. Now, these might sound like no-brainers, but I’ve learned not to take any ideas for granted. I’ve also discovered that if you try this for 66 days, which is the magic number for forming a new habit, you’ll find yourself with enough time to actually relax on the porch with a cup of coffee. Heaven.

Now, if you only take away one tip from this post, it’s this: the secret to a sane morning is to start the night before.

Prep the kids

Select outfits the night before and get them approved. A lesson I’ve learned at work is that collaboration is key. Same rule applies with kids. Get them to help pick out and approve their outfit so you don’t land yourself back in a battle over purple legging or pajama pants with minutes left to “go time”.

Plan the food

Not only plan and pack lunches for the next day, but also think about breakfast. Ask your kids what they’d like to eat and be sure you have enough milk, eggs or cereal to go around. If not, send hubby to the store. Like how I delegated, there?

Get to bed

I loooove to sleep. I’m one of those people who has to have 8 hours of sleep, and if you gave me 10, I’d be exponentially happier. Admittedly, my tendency is to stay up late and sleep in. I’ve learned, though, that if I get to bed no later than 10pm, it’s so much easier to wake up on time the next day. In fact, in the few days I’ve shifted my sleep times I’ve discovered early morning is the most peaceful time in our house. I’ve also discovered sunrises. I mean, have you seen one lately? So beautiful. I’m not suggesting you wake up at 4am. Even if you wake up 20 minutes earlier than anyone else in the house, those precious minutes provide plenty of time for you to set your intention for the day and start off on the right foot – and with matching shoes.


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