How I’m Staying Focused on My Intention

You may remember back in the beginning of this crazy year when I boldly stated my intention is to be more “open.” I promised myself I would…

Open my heart and find the courage to always be myself.

Open my mind to new ideas and possibilities.

Open my arms to anyone who needs me.

Open my eyes to see things that are important and meaningful.

I even created this wallpaper for my phone to help me remember my word.

Checking in

We’re quickly approaching March, and I’m doing a fairly good job remembering to stay open. I’ve had my moments, which have sometimes stretched into days. But I’m not perfect. Thank goodness.

The wallpaper/screensaver phone trick has helped. Anytime I wake the beast, its glowing face shows me the word “open” stretched across a skyline – and I feel grounded again.

Needing more help, though

In a two-part effort: 1) to put my phone down more often, and 2) to keep remembering my “word”, I decided to step up my game and order a bracelet from the MyIntent project. >

{Psst…here’s how mine turned out.}

{And this is a sampling of a few bracelets they’ve made for others.}

I first learned about these bracelets through a clip on the Today Show. Then I saw a link to the offical website and learned more about the company.

The story is fascinating.

I guess this whole company started with a guy making lots of bracelets and giving them away to friends out in L.A. He was creating such interesting conversations with them and was eventually able to work them into the hands of a few stars. Jay Z loved the concept, and soon Rihanna and Beyonce were among the celebrities rocking their intentions.

The next thing he knew, he had a booming business. The cool thing about this company, though, is that it sticks to its mission. It isn’t just a jewelry store selling bracelets and necklaces.

The mission is uplifting.

From the beginning, the bracelets have been less about fashion and a growing enterprise and more about a purpose. In fact, all of the products are very reasonably priced to help make them more accessible.

The results are encouraging.

From a personal standpoint, I feel like wearing a bracelet has been a better, constant reminder of the promise I made to myself. It has also sparked a few interesting conversations – just like it was intended.

Here’s a mini unboxing of my bracelet. The pic below shows the cool canvas pouch that it came in. >

I also loved the fact it was signed by the person who made it. Here’s a closer pic. >

The back of the card encourages you to think further about your word and why it was chosen. >

What’s helpful about this exercise is it helps you think through your intention, so when people ask, you have thoughts about what to share…your talking points.

If you want to give this a try or even give one as a gift, here’s a link to order. (You can even get $5 off as my friend.) #benefits 😉

Whether you get a bracelet, wallpaper your phone, post a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, or any other great trick, here’s to sticking to our intentions…together. Be sure to share your word in the comments, so I can cheer you along.




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