Creative Tip: Listen to Little Messages

As I sit and enjoy my coffee on this cool November morning, I’m feeling thankful I stumbled upon this list titled “10 Ways to Stay Creative.” It’s been tucked away in a folder on my desktop for months. Somehow it managed to catch my attention. And I’m glad it did.

I’ve been feeling like a tire with a slow leak…rolling along, but losing air at a speed that’s almost unnoticeable until it gets low enough to hit the rim. I feel like I just skimmed the ground, creatively speaking. And it finally caught my attention.

As I reflect, my posts have been fewer and farther between, the writing projects at work have been mostly clinical these days, and I haven’t dabbled in any craft projects lately. Not the best combination for someone who adores and thrives on living a creative life.

Luckily there’s that small voice…the one that quietly guides and cheers us on. And it led me to my computer to dig through old files for inspiration. I found this list and decided to post it on Facebook late last night. I woke up still thinking about it, which was a good sign. I’m being nudged into action.

So here I am today, armed with a spark of motivation, my computer, and a blank page ready to accept the challenge of creativity. I’m excited and curious to see where it leads. Maybe you’d like to join me? >>

Here’s to a creative day…and that we keep our eyes and hearts open to the messages that keep showing up.




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