High Fives on High Five Day

I’m smiling as I write this because of the fact that there’s such a thing as National High Five Day. I mean, what a day maker. And this year it looks like there’s a great cause attached to it.

The best way to celebrate this cool holiday is to throw some high fives in the air like you just don’t care. You can bet I’ll be doing this all day. And I’ll be using this for some inspiration.

In addition to celebrating friends and strangers, what about the things we depend on every day, but take for granted?

I thought it would be fun to share a few things around my house that make my life soooo much easier. And for that, I’m high-fiving all of them – personally. >

{ONE} The Keurig

Dear Keurig, I love your perfectly measured one-cup servings of any hot drink of my choice. You’re there for me every morning – without fail. Unless I forget to descale you, like that one time last month when you stopped working. That was on me, though.

I thank you for your consistency, for your prompt service, for keeping me from wasting coffee at the bottom of a large pot, and for pouring me a cup of tea immediately after serving Brandon his dark roast. You’re truly magical, and I high five you.

{TWO} Baking Soda

To the large yellow boxes of baking soda in my pantry, freezer, bathroom and laundry room, I know I’ve never told you this before, but you are my favorite multi-tasking genius. You keep me from having to stock up on a bunch of cleaning supplies that are full of chemicals.

I can pour you down the drain, around the shower, over nasty spills, and into smelly laundry bins – and you always do your job. I feel like your abilities are endless, and I’m still getting to know all that you can do. High five for being a true champion.

{THREE} Mini Purse Inside My Purse

Hello, little purse that carries all of my lady essentials and over-the-counter medicines that I don’t want the general public to see every time I open my large purse. I appreciate your demure nature…quietly and eternally riding shotgun next to my wallet.

You’re my go-to source for any of life’s unexpected situations: both medical and beauty related. There have been many times when I don’t know what I would have done without you. Hive five for being my best kept secret.

{FOUR} Rubber Bands

My dearest stretchy, round wonder, you’re on this list for the many practical ways you come to the rescue. Like the time my pants were too tight and I had to extend my waistline. Haha!

I even wrote a post about you several months ago. And even since then, I have found more creative ways to put you to work. Double high fives to you.

{FIVE} Gratitude Journal

Finally, I’d like to thank my gratitude journal.

While your pages are filled with lists of things I’m grateful for, I don’t know if you’re actually mentioned. I do see the irony. So today, I high five you for many reasons. For keeping me focused on the blessings in my life – even on the crappiest days. For keeping me accountable…when I see you on my nightstand, I’m reminded to stop and jot something down. And for helping me archive memories that I will one day look back on and smile, yet again.

Now for you, my friend and reader! I’m super excited you’re here and am sending you virtual high fives. I also wish you a beautiful day.




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