Happiness Friday

Happy Friday, sweet friends! And I do mean happy. Today’s post is all about happiness. Here’s why…

{ONE} International Day of Happiness: It’s today! Go make a connection and brighten another person’s day! You can also visit the official site and download your free happiness pack.

{TWO} Instagram Feeds: This is a terrific list of 10 happy Instagram feeds. Follow them today and feel your happiness bloom.

{THREE} First Day of Spring: Welcome, sweet season of warmth, budding flowers, and well, allergies. Just as Olaf said in the movie Frozen, “Some people are worth melting for,” I think flowers are worth sneezing for. Fresh flowers make me happy. Just bring on the Zyrtec and we’re G-to-G. In celebration of the day, be sure to check out the Google doodle.

{FOUR} Bunnies!! You know I love me some cute bunnies. We’ve had two pet rabbits in our lives so far. Molly McBunny was our first, and we had her for close to 12 years! She was a dear. Now we have Rosie, and she’s just as loving and expressive. Rabbits are truly the best pets to have, IMO. Here’s a link to a great resource if you’re thinking of adopting a rabbit. In the meantime, here’s your daily dose of cuteness to bring a smile to your face.

{FIVE} Gratitude: I read that more than 11,000 scientific studies show that developing a gratitude habit helps you feel happier, sleep better, be more creative and feel less stressed. Um, sign me up. Let’s be thankful for the day – and each other. I am certainly grateful you’re here. To kick things off, try this 52-week gratitude challenge. It’s full of beautiful ideas.

Cheers to the happiest day, yet! Be sure to check out all of the wonderful blogs through Five on Friday.




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