Giveaway Winner & Weekend Update

This quote made me laugh, because I’m totally wearing my Sunday outfit to work today. Anyone else with me on this? Here’s to having one decision already made before I even woke up!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Before I go any further, though, I’d like to announce the winner of the coaster giveaway. Debbie Ray is the lucky recipient of a set of designer black and gold ampersand coasters from Qostr. Yay, Debbie!


A special thank you to everyone who participated. The 20% discount for Neat Nook readers is still valid through October, so head over to Qostr and use promo code OCTOBER20 at checkout. Maybe grab some Halloween party coasters?

The next Qostr giveaway will be in November – just in time for Thanksgiving. We’ll be unveiling a custom design just for Neat Nook!

Now back to the weekend for a moment, because I’m still relishing in its joy. It was such perfect fall weather here in Northwest Arkansas. Our family spent as much time as we could outdoors.

The leaves are starting to turn bright orange and red, and the air is so crisp it cools your skin and paints your cheeks the perfect shade of pink.

We had friends visit from out of town on Friday night, so we lit an outdoor fire, cooked s’mores and sipped on wine while we visited on the back porch. It was such a happy night.

PS. I highly recommend using Nutella instead of Hershey’s chocolate bars for your next s’mores experience. The chocolate melts right into the gooey marshmallow goodness.

Saturday’s plans took us to the soccer fields to cheer for Evan, then we walked with Leo all over the neighborhood. Now that he has all of his puppy shots, we can take him out on the town. He LOVES exploring the ‘hood more than anything. So far he hasn’t tried chasing the ducks in the lake behind our house. I’m sure that’s a matter of time.

leo morning

The biggest accomplishment of the weekend, though, was pulling down all of our fall clothes from the attic. It was like a mini Christmas. I finally have boots, scarves and sweaters to snuggle in this cool air.

I promise to share some organizational tips this week on how to store your fall clothes.

All in all, I’d say it was a successful weekend. The Nebraska Huskers even won their football game. Finally. And that made Brandon a happy camper to be around!

Now that Monday has officially kicked off, here’s to a brilliant week ahead with plenty of coffee and a shortage of drama.

Oh, and tomorrow is my first blogiversary, which is hard to believe. One year?! I’ll have some fun news to share, so be sure to swing back by.

Until tomorrow, my sweet friends…



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