Gifts that Graduates will Love

Welcome to graduation season!

I have the honor of celebrating three college graduations in my family this season. Two of my nieces and my one-and-only rock star nephew are receiving their diplomas. I actually have another niece who graduated in December, so it has definitely been the year of commencements around here.

I’m so stinkin’ proud of each of them and am excited for what’s ahead in their lives. So I wanted to make their gifts special. As I was brainstorming ideas, I decided anything from the three categories below would be appreciated and appropriate for someone stepping out on their own and launching a successful career.

{ONE} Be practical.


Any graduate would simply love a stack of cash. After all, they know what they need better than anyone. This is probably the most practical gift you could ever give. If it feels too impersonal or boring, you can personalize the gift with a heartfelt, handwritten note and a creative wrap.

Gift cards can fall into this category, as well. One way to personalize a gift card is to get it from a place that’s meaningful. For example, pick a nice clothing store and include a note about wanting to help buy their first interview outfit.

If you’re still not sold, keep reading…

Another practical idea is a beautiful day planner. This is actually my gift of choice for my nieces who love pretty things, journaling, and staying organized.

The Day Designer has a mid-year edition, which just went on sale, and is perfect for grads. This gives them a totally fresh start to their new lives. I mean, who doesn’t love opening a new planner?! What I love most about this particular planner is that it offers tips for goal setting and developing your personal vision and mission statement. Those are things you don’t learn in school but need to know as you plan to set the world on fire with your skills and dreams.

{TWO} Get sentimental.

This ruby ring belonged to my Mamaw. I connected to her not to mention super fancy any time I wear it.

This ruby ring belonged to my Mamaw. I feel connected to her (not to mention super fancy) any time I wear it.

If you have a special family item, such as a piece of jewelry or watch, now would be the time to pass it along. Graduations, weddings and births are three occasions where family treasures make perfect gifts. Be sure to include the backstory on the item. Write it down on a card and include it with the gift so the significance of the item is passed along, as well.

If you don’t have anything pass along – or if the graduate isn’t necessarily a family member – you can still give a gift that’s sentimental. Think about where they grew up. Is there something you could give that would always remind them of home? For instance, you could make a fun gift basket that includes local flavors and a “home” tee…

{order here}

The bonus about these tees is that 10% of your purchase goes toward MS research {order here}

{THREE} Add a personal touch.

This site has tons of personalized options.

This site has tons of personalized options.

Sending a personalized gift shows you not only care about that person, but also put a lot of thought into the present. For instance, if your graduate is going to be a teacher, you could give him or her a personalized tote bag or clipboard (like the one above) along with a gift card to Barnes and Noble. Another idea is to have their graduation announcement framed, so they can proudly display it in their first office.

What if you have a high school grad on your hands?

university gifts

High school graduates who are headed off to college love nothing more than a gift that’s adorned with their new school logo. I love shopping at Zazzle for this kind of thing.

You could go with one really nice gift or pick a smaller item from each category above. Either way, your thoughtfulness is sure to be cherished.

Happy shopping and congrats to all of the accomplished scholars out there. Here’s to being awesome!!



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