Friday Wrap: Things I Love Right Now

Other than my kind, adorable, funny and sometimes crazy family, which I fell in love with long before this week, here are a few things on my Love List:

{ONE} Embroidered tea towel from Mimi

embroidered towel

My mom gave this to me on Mother’s Day, and I was so touched by this gift. I can just picture her sitting in her floral armchair under the light of a soft table lamp stitching each and every inch of this design. Needless to say, this has taken center stage on the oven handle in my kitchen. And I have already given the “please don’t use this for wiping pizza sauce or grape juice off your fingers” talk to the kids. This one is special!!

{TWO} New cleansers


I had the pleasure of attending the Bentonville Film Festival (#BFF) last week. The mission of this festival is to shine a light on the need for diversity in the film industry. Geena Davis and her foundation for women in film is a strong force behind it all, which led to several women-oriented brands being sponsors of the event. All of that to say, there were tons of free samples being handed out by these sponsors, and I was able to enjoy many of them.

I fell in love with these two items: cleansing oil from Burt’s Bees and makeup brush cleaning cloths from Eco Tools.

The oil is light, smells awesome, and lifts makeup right off your face. I have acne-prone skin (sad face) so I was a little afraid to try this. But I haven’t had any issues with this product so far. Promise. (back to happy).

I have a small confession on the brush wipes. I hardly ever remember to clean my makeup brushes. I know, that doesn’t help my complexion, but who thinks to do this and when is there time? I don’t want wet brushes when I’m frantically getting ready in the morning. Anyway, these wipes might be my thing. They’re like little baby wipes for your brushes and they clean really well. I have already used them twice this week and am starting to feel better about the whole brush situation.

{THREE} Linen and room spray

linen and room spray

This, my friends, is the number one secret ingredient to making a 13-yr old boy’s room smell better. In fact, it smells quite “handsome”. Not to be confused with “pretty” or “nice” or “lovely”. I’ve quickly learned those words hold no cool points and therefore shall not be used as adjectives linked directly or even indirectly toward boys – especially teen ones.

Anyway, this particular fragrance is called Basil Blue Sage and really is great for the whole house. I’ve sprayed the bathrooms, the sheets, the towels, the closets with stinky shoes, the laundry room, and even the dog. Oopsie.

{FOUR} Wasp repellent

IMG_0706Okay, you’re gonna wanna remember this one…

I just learned that peppermint oil keeps mean, nasty wasps at bay. I’m here to tell you (without any stings) that it works. Put a few drops of oil (not peppermint flavoring, but oil) into a spray bottle of water. Shake and spray away. It will not only repel wasps, because apparently they dislike the smell, but also kill active wasps and their eggs when you spray the nest.

I sprayed a “live one” that was sitting on the window ledge. It started flying right at me, so I kept spraying as fast as I could until my finger cramped up. To my relief, he dropped mid air…because it worked.

{FIVE} Guitar pickin’

evan and guitar

This picture makes me happy. Looks like Leo loves the guitar, too.

Guitar music is my chill pill, so when Evan showed interest in learning how to play, I was all. about. it. The guitar was actually purchased for the girls last Christmas, but after the first blister on their finger, it was downhill from there. Evan recently claimed it as his, and I honestly don’t care who sits behind it. I’m pumped it’s getting some play time and that Evan wants to not only learn, but also teach himself. His first personal assignment is to learn the theme song from Harry Potter, and he’s well on his way. Here’s to many backyard concerts in our future!

What are you loving these days? I bet there are tons of new ideas in the link ups below. Be sure to check them out AND have a fantastic Friday the 13th (filled with nothing but luck.)




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