Friday Wrap: Things I Learned

This was a rather enlightening week. I’m not exactly sure why, but I felt like a magnet for new tricks and discoveries. They kept showing up, and I kept thinking, “Well, that’s pretty cool.” Here are five of my favorites:

{ONE} Pennies can perk up your tulips.

Having worked at a flower shop all through college, I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to caring for fresh cut flowers. But…I didn’t know this trick until this week!! Thanks to a friend at work, I learned that if you put a few pennies in the bottom of a vase of tulips, it keeps them from flopping over. The copper has something to do with it. Cool, yes?

{TWO} Succulents are super easy.

Succulents are all the rage right now. I couldn’t be happier about it, because they are the easiest, most drama-free plants to grow. I didn’t realize (until this week) how simple it was to make MORE of them.

Snip off a few leaves from an existing plant. Let them dry for a few days so the ends close up, and then lay them on some dirt and watch them grow. They will sprout right there on top of the soil. And they barely require water. What more could a gardener want?

P.S. Anthropologie has adorable planters that would be perfect for potting your sweet little succulents.

{THREE} L’Oreal sunscreen doesn’t make be break out.

The sun made an appearance a few times this week. I even bought some sunscreen. I finally found one I really like for my face. So far it hasn’t made me break out, which is glorious. I’ve tried others that have wreaked havoc on my skin – and they were even labeled “non-comedogenic.” It was non-cool. This formula from L’Oreal is not only a 50+ on the SPF scale, but also full of good stuff to keep your skin youthful. I like that it absorbs quickly and leaves a soft, almost powdery feeling on my skin. Check it out if you need a good sunscreen!

{FOUR} Walmart has cute shorts.

I had a Whoa Wait Walmart moment this week. I was cruising through Wally World, doing my weekly grocery run, and I spotted a selection of Aztec-print shorts on a rack in the Junior’s section. I carted over to check ’em out and discovered they’re even better up close, which doesn’t always happen. They have all kinds of trendy patterns, feel ultra soft and have pockets. I snatched up a pair like I just don’t care. If fact, I’m wearing them right now. Hearts all around for these cuties!!

{FIVE} Coffee dates rock.

coffee date Date nights are awesome. B and I don’t have nearly enough of them, though. It can be tricky finding time for each other when our schedules are full of soccer tournaments, birthday parties, piano lessons, swimming, and the occasional work-related event. This week, we tried something different.

Thursday was my day off, and B had one of his morning meetings get cancelled. He looked at me and said, “Want to go grab a cup of coffee?” I was so excited and felt kinda like a school girl who was being asked to prom. “Um, yes! I’d love to go with you! Let me take out my retainer first.” We didn’t have tons of time, but it was enough to catch up, look at each other, and feel grounded again. It didn’t require a babysitter or a special dress. It was just us, being us. I loved it – and him.

Here’s to a magnificent weekend full of love, hugs and cheers, my dears!




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