Friday Wrap: Summertime

love of summer

Summer is gettin’ real in this house. We’ve been to the neighborhood pool pretty much every day; we’ve eaten on the patio more times than indoors this week; we’ve had sleepovers on a weeknight; and we whipped up a batch of our homemade ice pops. Summer has arrived.

Here are a few other signs of summer around this place…

{ONE} Lemonade Stands

Lemonade Stand

The girls opened their first lemonade stand this week. They made an adorable sign, shared plenty of friendly smiles, and served their drinks with fun umbrellas. Based on the number of selfies taken by the teenagers who stopped by, and all of the sweet neighbors we got to meet, I’d say it was quite a success.

{TWO} A No Sew Craft Mat

craft mat up close

L: This is the full vinyl mat; R: This shows the soft underside

craft mat in use

Ready to get craftin’

The girls and I absolutely l.o.v.e. a summer crafternoon filled with painting, drawing, or Play Doh-ing. In preparation of the season, I decided to make this craft mat to protect the completely impractical white kitchen table I bought from Pier One. Within weeks, this thing had permanent marker stains that had to be scraped off with nail polish remover. Anyway, this no-sew mat was super easy to make.

Here’s all it took:

  • A piece of vinyl fabric large enough to cover the table
  • A pencil to trace around the fabric once it was spread out on the table
  • A pair of scissors to cut along the pencil mark

I chose vinyl fabric, but you could use oilcloth or laminated fabric. Anything that’s covered with a plastic coating that can be easily wiped off will work.

{THREE} DIY Umbrella Stand

diy umbrella stand

Summers in our area can bring scattered rain showers. In fact, we’re expected to have rain throughout the weekend. The girls still have their personalized umbrellas I made them, and I recently bought a bright colored umbrella for myself. Now I just need a better place to store them (other than leaning on a wall in our garage.)

This project looks like something I could easily tackle. It’s a galvanized flower bucket – like many I’ve seen at Hobby Lobby. The bottom was taped off and then painted with an accent color. This is entryway worthy for certain. I’m on it.

{FOUR} Homemade Pup Pops

As I mentioned earlier, we made a big batch of ice pops for the kids. Well, I decided our furry baby needs cool treats, too. I found this recipe and plan to make these sweet pup pops for Leo this weekend. I love how the stick is a Milkbone, so he can eat the entire thing. No choking on sticks.

yoga with Leo

Speaking of Leo, I had to share these funny pics…

I rolled out my mat to do some yoga on the back porch, and this little guy was all up in my business. He camped out on the edge for quite some time, and then he kept inching closer until he had commandeered the entire mat. #sillypuppy #needabiggermat

{FIVE} Road Trip Planning

We officially booked our hotel in South Dakota for our Griswold-style road trip to Mount Rushmore in July. Since the girls are still officially fourth graders, we get free admission into all of the national parks and monuments this summer. Cool, right?

I’m really looking forward to exploring the Black Hills and soaking up everything the area has to offer. If anyone has tips on where to eat or other must-see, must-do activities, please share. I’m in total planning mode right now.

Have an incredible, summery weekend. In the meantime, I think this is gonna be my kind of night.




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