Friday Wrap: Summer Fun

Happy Friday, friends! Here’s my list of five faves so far. (I always love a good string of alliteration. #wordnerd)

To start things off, Clara and I have a tiny, but joyful, thing to show you…

{ONE} The First Tomato of the Season!

homegrown tomato

We’ve been nurturing that little thing, and it was finally time to pick it from the vine this week. In celebration of our finally fruiting plant, here’s a recipe for Fresh Tomato and Herbed Ricotta Bruschetta that will make you go “yum.”

{TWO} Vox Box Winner: nanoblur


I received my first Vox Box this week from Influenster! It was the #IdoVoxBox, and I had been eagerly anticipating its arrival. It didn’t disappoint. Once I dislodged it from the mailbox, which is a whole ‘nother story, I found a bundle of seven treats to try. I carefully examined and sampled each and awarded indeed nanoblur the grand prize for making my life better. It goes on a bit thick, so dabbing is better, but once it was applied my skin instantly looked smoother. Two thumbs up from this girl.

Vox Box

This was the full #IdoVoxBox (P.S. The Sahale cashews and Skinnygirl snack bar tied for second. Super delish!!)

{THREE} Lindsay Letters

One of my work friends (shout out to Sarah Doretti) recently shared this designer with me, and I have been shopping around her site ever since. I love her style and choice of phrases. You can find a few selected pieces at Hobby Lobby, but as you can see in the pic, there’s a Christmas in July sale happening right on the Lindsay Letters’ site, so be sure to take advantage of it while you can!

{FOUR} Bush Overhaul


While it looks like a mess, this event made Momma Kate super happy. Consider this your classic “before” picture.

We had way too many bushes in our garden. They were taking over like giant weeds. So we had them removed. Not all of them, but at least a dozen were hauled away this week. This leaves me with a rather large gardening project this weekend, but you know I love a good project. Any thoughts on some must-have plants? I like a cottage garden look.

{FIVE} Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc

A solid week’s worth of work deserves a tasty glass of wine. Don’t you think? I love a chilled glass of Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc on a hot summer day. In fact, I think there’s a bottle calling my name right now.

That’s a wrap. I hope you have a relaxing weekend. Be sure to checkout the other great bloggers through Five on Friday >>




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