Friday Wrap: Spring Break!

Spring is in full swing around here. Soccer officially started, more flowers are emerging in the garden, our first wave of storms just passed through town, and this week was spring break!

For this year’s break, we took a short trip to Kansas City and then drove on to Lincoln, Nebraska to visit family. Before we knew it were were pulling back into our driveway. It went entirely too fast. That’s a sure sign of a good time, though, right? Here are some of the highlights of the week.

{ONE} Sporting KC Soccer

Sporting KC Soccer Game

Look at that cute cheering section. And when did Evan get so tall?!

We attended our first Sporting KC soccer game! The kids love the sport, including my biggest kid (Brandon), so everyone was excited. Even though it was a tie game, the experience won us over. We’ll do that again.

{TWO} Bunny Cards

Cards from PaintedBliss

Cute cards from Painted Bliss

While we were in Nebraska, one of my incredibly thoughtful nieces, Mallory, gave me these hand-painted cards. Aren’t they precious? Not quite as precious as Mallory’s triplets, though. They definitely take the cake. I loved my snuggle time with those sweet babies!!!

{THREE} Homemade Dog Treats

Once we got home, we had the pleasure of dog sitting Mr. Frito, who belongs to one of my other nieces. (I have a big family – and I love them all.) Frito is THE most relaxed dog around. I even taught him yoga (proof below). I decided to spoil him a bit and make homemade doggie treats. I think they turned out okay. Frito gave them two paws up as far as I could tell.


{FOUR} Origami Tulips

With Easter on its way, the girls and I decided to get crafty. Avery bought an Origami book and decided to make paper tulips. They turned out so cute, I put them in vases. I’m thinking anyone could do this for a longer-lasting centerpiece for your Easter table. Or you could make a flower for each person’s place setting. Tissue paper flowers would be gorgeous, too.

{FIVE} Pretty Egg Planters

Speaking of centerpieces, look at this beautiful display using egg shells as planters that contain little succulents and violets. I’ll be doing this project later today.

I’ll post more flower arrangement ideas for Easter on Monday. Be sure to stop back. In the meantime, check out the other great blogs through Five on Friday with April, DarciChristina, and Natasha.


Cheers to a wonderful weekend, my friends!



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