Friday Wrap: Slow Your Roll

Whew! It has been a crazy couple of weeks with puppy training and back-to-school madness. To top it off, it seems like the news is full of stories that make me want to weep. I was horrified to see the clip of the Virginia reporters who were shot on live TV. I needed to push away from the computer and take a break. I decided to take a long walk to regroup and look for signs of life and joy.

It wasn’t right away, but eventually (about the time I spotted ducks warming themselves in the sun) I realized how good it felt to just slow down. Each step contained a sliver of time that deserved my attention.

The 86,400 seconds of each day are like tiny gifts.

Instead of focusing on things that had already happened, or worrying about possible events in the future, I needed to be a witness to what’s right in front of me…open each of those little presents. That’s not to say I won’t ever have difficult or challenging experiences. It’s just that it will only be for a moment. And it will pass. More gifts are already on their way.

When I slowed down to love what’s in front of me, my fear melted, my heart softened, and hope began to bloom again.

Here are a few things I captured on my walk:

{ONE} the resting duck pose

Resting Ducks

{TWO} sweet magnolia blooms

Fragrant magnolia

{THREE} a mushroom village that may or may not contain Smurfs

Mushroom farm

{FOUR} the wise old heron


{FIVE} the hungry little hummingbird

The Hungry Little Hummingbird

What will you take time to see today? Capture it. Treasure it. Let it inspire you to choose joy over fear.

Have a blessed day!



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2 comments on “Friday Wrap: Slow Your Roll

  1. I’ve been trying to pay more attention to the sunset every day. The sunset has been so beautiful lately, or maybe it’s always been this beautiful and I just haven’t paid enough attention to it. I hope you’re having a great weekend!

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