Friday Wrap: Show & Tell

Y’all, this has been a crafty kind of week. You know the kind where the tips of your fingers are caked in glue and your kitchen table is a forest of ribbon strands and paper scraps? It’s my personal little heaven.

I haven’t stopped long enough to blog about it all, but I plan to give you a sneak peek today (like foreshadowing) and I’ll go into more details in some upcoming posts.

So, as always on these cheer-filled Fridays, here are a few highlights of the week…

{ONE} Corsages by Kate

Remember how I told you my son recently turned 13? Well, he hit the teenage ground running. He has not only seen every PG-13 movie he can get his hands on, but also asked a girl to his first school dance!! Precious.

He agreed it would be a nice gesture to give his date a corsage. Friends, have you seen the prices on corsages lately?! The basic is $30 a pop. For a middle school dance, that feels a bit much. In my usual “I can totally make one myself” approach, I googled how to make one myself.

Next thing you know, and less than $6 a piece later (thanks to greens from the garden), I made not just one, but three wrist corsages for Evan and his friends to give to their sweet dates. Look how they turned out! (Brandon thinks I should make a business out of this.) Lol!

DIY corsages

The arrangement in the lower right was a little treat for myself. The garden roses began blooming this week, so I snipped the first bloom and tucked it in an antique vase from my mom – along with sprigs of flowering thyme and velvety Lamb’s Ear.

{TWO} Lemon Balm & Lavender Bath Sachets

While I was putzing in the garden – and looking for things to stick in corsages – I harvested a few lemon balm leaves and lavender. I read somewhere this makes an awesome bath soak, so I thought, “What the heck?”

I have a stash of organza jewelry bags that I use to store my earrings and delicate necklaces. Turns out, they also make great sachets. I filled the bag with my garden goodies and dropped it into a hot bath. I also added some Epsom salts, which is an awesome way to get your Magnesium, btw. Anyway, it smelled like sweet lemonade and was perfectly relaxing after a long day.


{THREE} Nail Polish FOTD (flavor of the day)

While we’re on the topic of treat-yo-self… After I removed all of the craft glue from my fingers and had a nice soak in the tub, I re-painted my nails with this darling color from Essie called A Splash of Grenadine. It has just the right amount of purple to pink ratio for me. Love this so much for spring!


{FOUR} Slug Traps

Okay, so here’s something to file away in the “good to know” category: the slugs are in full effect! I have a ton of pansies blooming in the front garden at the moment, and many of them started showing signs of stress this week. You can see slug-nibbles all around the edges. #notcool


Poor pansy!

I’m not about to let a slew of slimy bugs who “got no shell over here, baby” ruin my garden. I posted some tips awhile ago, and I’m going with the beer trap method. I used the good stuff, too, because I’m like, “One sip for you, one sip for me.”

I whipped up several of these traps and tucked them all throughout the garden. Let’s hope and pray this works.

beer traps for slugs

Notice the darling little mushrooms next to the terra cotta saucer of beer? I’m using those in the fairy garden I’m making. More on that project next week. Eeep!!

{FIVE} Yay for Arbor Day!

My PSA for the day is to go plant a tree, if you can! Today is National Arbor Day. Now, it seems some areas also celebrate this holiday at different times. You can check this handy map to see when it falls in your area. Either way, today is a good day to breathe fresh air and thank our lovely trees.

Have a weekend to remember, my sweet friends!




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2 comments on “Friday Wrap: Show & Tell

  1. You are crafty!!! I’d be the sucker paying $30 for the premade ones… yours are so pretty!! I think your son is right – you should totally sell them come homecoming/prom time again. And that nail polish color is really pretty. It’s so hard to find a purple that’s not too purple. I like mine with some pink in it and that one is a great blend! Hope you had a great weekend and thanks for linking up with us at H54F!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

    • Aww, thank you. I told one of my friends, “Give me a good YouTube video and some floral glue, and I can make things happen!” Haha! It really was fun to make those corsages. You’re sweet to visit! I love linking up with you and hope you’re having a great week so far.

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