Friday Wrap: Self Care for Mama Bears

It’s a TGIF kind of Friday, my friends. I had every intention of whipping up a few additional posts this week, then life happened. My son came down with a cold, work was super busy, and I had a few routine checkups sprinkled into the schedule. It’s all turning out, it just tired me out.

As we gently ease into the weekend and prepare to celebrate our moms on this special Mother’s Day weekend, I think we should practice a little self care. Who’s with me?

Here are five things this Mama Bear plans to indulge in over the next 72 hours. And any of these would make lovely gifts for the mamas in your life, so hopefully this gives you a few ideas!

{ONE} Facial Teas

We know drinking herbal teas can help detox your body and skin, so it’s no surprise one of the latest beauty tricks is an herbal facial steam. All you have to do is boil a pot of water, drop in some loose tea, then put your face over the steam so the magic can happen. This process provides a deep cleansing of your pores, draws impurities, and leaves your skin with a soft glow. Um, yes, please.

I already have a few teas at home I could try, but this pretty jar or even this sampler would be quite the treat. Wink, wink, Brandon.

{TWO} Hand Yoga

Earlier in the week my niece, Mallory, shared a link about hand yoga. Have you ever? I was seriously fascinated by this whole process. I love yoga, but I have trouble getting to a class or rolling out my mat at home. I’m kind of like that e-card that says, “I did yoga today. And by yoga, I mean shaving my legs.” So when I saw I could do at least some yoga in the confines of a traffic light, carpool lane, or easy chair while sippin’ on my chardo-nay-nay, I was all in.

Here’s a quick pose to improve your energy. Give it a try!

The Pose: Touch the tips of your ring and pinky fingers to your thumb. Stretch the index and middle finger out straight.

The Meaning: Prana mudra is all about vitality and the life force. It helps you access dormant sources of energy and corners of your mind. If you’re feeling sluggish, this mudra can help you make mental connections and wake up.

I wonder what would happen if I did this while drinking coffee? I might be set for an entire week. Snaps to that.

PS. A way to give this as a gift is to print out a few poses on paper, tuck them into a pretty card, and package it up with some fancy hand creme, like this amazing tube from Anthro. It’s a fave. >>

{THREE} Epsom Bath Salt Soak

epsom salt

Did you know many women have a magnesium deficiency? I keep reading about all of the benefits of this mineral, which include relieving anxiety, PMS, headaches, and depression. It’s pretty astounding. To be sure you’re getting enough, you could increase your leafy green veggies, nuts and seeds – or take a vitamin. I also choose to soak in a tub of Epsom salt, which is a great source of magnesium, and it absorbs through your skin.

I found a large bag of Dr. Teal’s at Walgreens that includes lavender oil, which is basically an herbal lullaby. One warm tub with this salty mixture, and you’ll be sleeping like a baby. I poured some into a jar and put it my bathroom. (Yes, this would make a super easy and thoughtful gift for your mom!)

{FOUR} A Long Book Walkaudible logo

Taking a walk is one of the best forms of medicine for me – other than gardening or cleaning out my closets or getting hugs from my kids or eating Snickers. Apparently, it’s easy to medicate me. Regardless, walking is awesome. And I love strolling around our neighborhood with my headphones on listening to a juicy podcast or interesting book. (Remember the time I listened to Carry On Warrior and walk/laugh/cried every day for nearly a week? I looked flat-out crazy, but it was worth it for this life-changing book.)

I plan to do some major power walking this weekend, while listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest Big Magic. Have you read/listened to this, yet? If so, tell me what you think.

When it comes to audio books, I like using Audible. I think a subscription to this service would make a great Mother’s Day gift. You could even pair it with some bright-colored laces for her walking shoes. Snazzy!

{FIVE} Wardrobe Makeover

Y’all, this video is the best. It’s funny, and so spot on. I have vowed to try my best to remove these “items” from my wardrobe starting immediately. I hope you will, too. Share this with any of your mom friends this weekend, and they’ll love you for it. I’m just sure of it.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and the loving moms in your life.




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