Friday Wrap: Road Trip Truths

First off, big cheers to a long weekend celebrating our independence! If any of you are hitting the road, I’m fresh off a trip myself and have a few handy truths to share. I’m also linking up with Five on Friday, so I’ll make this my list of five…

Road Trip Truths

{ONE} You can never have enough sanitizer.

sanitizer quote


Or paper towels or hand wipes or trash bags. There are just too many sticky, spilly, messy, drippy reasons to mention. Also, there are those questionable gas stations.

{TWO} Roadside attractions are usually worth the extra time.

IMG_5875It’s fun to take an extra stop every now and then. At the very least, take some pictures. Friends love seeing where you are. Plus, it’s not every day you get to see giant Morel Mushrooms or Thunderbirds.

{THREE} Staying hydrated makes you happy.


And when I say hydrated, I mean with water. There’s plenty of time for other beverages once you arrive at your destination. Water is a miracle worker for keeping everyone happy and healthy on the road. To top it off, ice water is free at gas stations. So pack your favorite Tervis’ and stay hydrated with the good, crunchy ice. I know, I sound like my mother. But she’s usually right.

{FOUR} Sunburns happen.



It’s good to apply sunscreen even if you’re “just in the car”. Your right arm burn (or left if you’re driving) won’t lie. Be sure to get the good kind, too. I just read something about Neutrogena sunscreen being harmful. What the heck?! I’ve been using that on my kids!

{FIVE} Never underestimate the importance of good car tunes. 


Do you remember this scene from Identity Thief? Suuuper funny.

Music can help make some good memories. So crank up the tunes and sing along. If you have XM radio, you have to try the new channel #147 called Road Trip Radio. It’s a fun blast from the past.

P.S. My sister, Debby, wasn’t able to travel with us last week, so we texted with her the entire way so she could feel like she was part of the party. She made it fun for us, too, by providing car challenges. One of which was recording ourselves singing our favorite road trip song. You should totally try this with your friends or family.

Have a great weekend, and no matter where you are may you enjoy all of the freedoms brought to you on the fourth of July so many years ago!




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  1. No video of you singing your favorite road trip song?? 😉 These are great tips! The sunscreen one is right on. Lol my left arm is always darker after driving a ways!

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